14.0084 conference on distance education

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Date: Mon Jul 03 2000 - 06:05:32 CUT

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             Date: Mon, 03 Jul 2000 05:52:33 +0100
             From: jason.mann@vanderbilt.edu
             Subject: The 6th International Conference on Asynchronous Learning

    November 3-5, 2000
    University of Maryland University College
    College Park, Maryland

    Please, mark these dates, and go to http://www.aln.org/alnconf2000 for
    more about the premier conference devoted exclusively to online learning.

    Researchers, educators, and anyone interested in distance education are
    welcome. Discuss the state-of-the-art with scientists, teachers and
    managers, see what the commercial sector is offering to support online
    education, and join in shaping the future of this growing field.

    Organizations interested in exhibit space, product demonstration rooms, or
    corporate sponsorship, please contact aln2000@umuc.edu.

    Asynchronous learning networks are helping to transform education and
    training from site-based, time-bound experiences to anytime/anywhere online
    learning environments. By connecting learners with each other, with their
    instructors, and with a wide range of resources, ALNs allow a high degree
    of interaction and collaboration.

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