14.0090 SGML/XML a year later

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Date: Tue Jul 04 2000 - 07:16:06 CUT

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             Date: Tue, 04 Jul 2000 08:11:56 +0100
             From: lachance@chass.utoronto.ca (Francois Lachance)
             Subject: SGMl/XML a year latter


    Last century (Fri. Jan. 1999), Wendell Piez gave a wonderful overview of
    the state of sgml-aware software development :


    In that posting, he suggested "we be more radical in imagining how we and
    our audiences could get software to do what we need."

    Anyone care to five an assessment of where we are now?

    On the topic of surveys of the field... the latest off-line bibliography
    of humanities computing I can locate is Giovanni Adamo's _BIbliografia di
    informatica umanistica_ (1994)

    Webwise using a popular search engine...
    Library of Congress Subject Heading
    Humanities--Data processing--Bibliography
    yields no hits
    using the same search engine and a Boolean expression
    Humanities AND Data processing AND Bibliography
    yields 306 hits
    using the same search engine and a different boolean expression
    Humanities NEAR Data processing NEAR Bibliography
    yields two hits of historic import
    one Susan Hockey's 1980 guide

    Of course what started all this searching and catalogue comparison was my
    perusal of a particularly magnificient yearbook edited by Ian Lancashire
    and Willard McCarty...

    Francois Lachance, Scholar-at-large
    Member of the Evelyn Letters Project

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