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             Subject: Conference: Metamorphoses 2000: Expressive Technology,
    Art and Humanities

    News on Networking Cultural Heritage Resources
    from across the Community
    July 18, 2000

                Metamorphoses 2000: Expressive Technology, Art and
                        Fourteenth Annual National Conference on
                        Liberal Arts and the Education of Artists
                     October 18-20, 2000: School of Visual Arts, NYC

    >Arts Wire CURRENT July 18, 2000
    >Arts Wire CURRENT Volume 9, No. 29
    >Arts Wire CURRENT
    >Arts Wire CURRENT Judy Malloy, Editor
    >Arts Wire CURRENT jmalloy@artswire.org
    >October 18-20, 2000
    >The School of Visual Arts
    >Fourteenth Annual National Conference on Liberal Arts and the
    >"While some educators fear that students no longer aspire to
    >creativity, demanding instead to be taught technique, others
    >believe that the union between machine and art forces a
    >reconsideration of what is real and what is simulacrum; what is
    >self and what is other; and which self among the many is the real
    >one," the Conference states.
    >This year's keynote speaker is computer Scientist, composer,
    >visual artist, Author Jaron Lanier. Presenters nationwide will
    >discuss how expressive technologies for art and communication have
    >changed society and will continue to do so. Participants were
    >invited from art colleges, universities, and other institutions
    >that have an interest in educating artists.
    >Sessions are projected to include:
    >Visual Art (online performance; art gallery vs. virtual space; web
    >art; the visual essay; interactive storytelling)
    >The Liberal Arts (microanalysis, open-source programs; email and
    >the return of the word, computer assisted writing)
    >The Virtual School (Internet courses, virtual pedagogy and the
    >virtual instructor)
    >Interdisciplinary & General Topics (the role of liberal arts on
    >education of the artists; art programs in a university context;
    >art students; teaching; art criticism; art history;
    >For more information, visit:

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