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Date: Mon Aug 07 2000 - 09:59:42 CUT

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             Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2000 10:53:05 +0100
             From: Arun-Kumar Tripathi <tripathi@statistik.uni-dortmund.de>
             Subject: [Online Reading] The Body is Back: Communication in

    Greetings Humanist scholars,

    Hi, Here is a thesis sounds great, which I thought --might interest you
    --is available online. The thesis constitutes several chapters, such
    as "A Location Called Cyberspace: necessity of Implement, Implaced in
    Cyberspace, Sensing the Phenomenon of Cyberspace, Anchorage in Virtual
    Spaces"; "A Monad in Cyberspace: The Location of the Monadic Self, The
    Monad in Cyberspace, The Expression of the Monad in Cyberspace"; "A Body
    of Memory: Functionality of Memory, Memory Change, On the Survival of
    Images, The Momentum of Memory"; "The Body of Cyberspace: Unity and
    Materiality, Open Topology, Alter Ego, The Phenomenon: 'Body in
    Cyberspace', Being-in-Cyberspace"..then Conclusions and Bibliography.

    The Body of Cyberspace, considered as an open topology, as an alter ego,
    or as a phenomenon is then taken under consideration as a moment of Dasein
    as a body being-in-the-world-of-cyberspace with the consequences that it
    entails. The thesis also expressed the views, the Body is interaction with
    the digital environment, with some quotes, "Give me a place to stand and
    I'll move the world of Archimede", "..the virtual is the foundation of the
    actual.. due to Gilles Deleuz", and On *Unity and Materiality* Maurice
    Merleau-Ponty has expressed "..There is, therefore, another subject
    beneath me, for whom a world exists before I am here, and who marks out my
    place in it. This captive or natural subject is my body.." and Augustin's
    view "..if you remember who you are, you are somebody.."

    And **The Thesis _The Body is Back: Communication in Cyberspace_ can be
    found at <http://www.newschool.edu/mediastudies/sam/thesis.html>

    Thank you
    Sincerely yours
    Arun Tripathi

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