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Date: Wed Aug 09 2000 - 18:42:14 CUT

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             Date: Wed, 09 Aug 2000 19:35:32 +0100
             From: Willard McCarty <willard.mccarty@kcl.ac.uk>
             Subject: academic jobs at Alberta

    [Thanks to Mary Delane, Faculty of Arts, on behalf of Associate Dean Harvey
    Krahn, for this posting. Needless to say it represents one of the most
    important job opportunities in our field to date. --WM]

    The University of Alberta
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

    The Faculty of Arts, University of Alberta, invites applications for three
    full-time continuing positions, one at the senior Full Professor level and
    two at the Assistant Professor level, in the area of humanities computing.
    These positions will complement existing strengths and serve to move us
    forward in the highly specialized areas of teaching and research in
    text-based computing in the liberal arts. All three positions will involve
    teaching and research responsibilities in humanities computing.

    In particular, these positions will facilitate the Faculty's move into a
    position of pre-eminent strength in humanities computing. A new MA program
    in Humanities Computing will emphasize text-based computing research
    methods and critical thinking and will provide students with appropriate
    technical skills that will equip them well either for further study or for
    careers in information management. Students in this program will develop a
    firm grasp of the fundamental principles of computing methods in the
    humanities and its ability to restructure or transform the disciplines, as
    well as an appreciation of its potential for revisioning applications in
    computer science. Graduates will be qualified to work across the interface
    between computer specialist and project director or manager.

    The senior scholar will serve as Director of the Canadian Institute for
    Research Computing in Arts and will be expected to foster development of
    new computing methodologies and new computer-based resources for research
    and teaching in the humanities and to advance the state of humanities
    research computing at the University of Alberta. CIRCA=s mission is to:

    -- conduct research in the applications of computers to research and
    teaching in arts disciplines, particularly research involving texts and
    documents S promote and facilitate the development of innovative
    computer-based projects in arts research

    -- collaborate with departments in the Faculty to develop a curriculum for
    arts research computing by developing courses within the graduate and
    undergraduate programs S evaluate the applicability of new tools and
    techniques for arts research and their relevance for teaching

    -- develop and maintain relationships with leading similar research
    institutes around the world in order to fully participate in international
    research on this topic

    Applicants for all three positions will present demonstrated evidence of
    work on the application of cutting edge tools and approaches to humanities
    disciplines; on some of the more traditionally defined applications of
    computing in humanities disciplines, including text encoding, hypertext,
    text corpora, computational lexicography, statistical models, and
    syntactic, semantic, stylistic and other forms of text analysis; broad
    library and research-based work that focuses on significant issues of
    textuality and information retrieval; and tools-focused work that offers
    innovative and substantial applications and uses for humanities-based
    teaching and research throughout the academic and research worlds.

    Appointments will commence 1 July 2001. The floor of the salary scale for
    the Assistant Professor rank is currently $43,738 and for Professor it is
    $67,646; the University of Alberta offers a comprehensive benefits package.

    Letters of application, including a curriculum vitae, copies of
    undergraduate and graduate transcripts, and the names, institutional
    addresses and email addresses of three referees who have been invited to
    write on the applicant's behalf, should be sent to:

            N Rahimieh, Associate Dean (Humanities)
            Faculty of Arts, University of Alberta
            Edmonton, Alberta Canada T6G 2E5
            780-492-9132 (nasrin.rahimieh@ualberta.ca)

    The closing date for applications is: 31 October 2000.

    The University of Alberta hires on the basis of merit. We are committed to
    the principle of equity in employment. We welcome diversity and encourage
    applications from all qualified women and men, including persons with
    disabilities, members of visible minorities, and Aboriginal persons. In
    accordance with Canadian Immigration requirements, this advertisement is
    directed to Canadian citizens and permanent residents. If suitable Canadian
    citizens and permanent residents cannot be found, other individuals will be
    considered. The records arising from this competition will be managed in
    accordance with provisions of the Alberta Freedom of Information and
    Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPP).


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