14.0247 ACH/ALLC at NYU 6/2001; HAN conference at the Open 10/2000

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                   Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 14, No. 247.
           Centre for Computing in the Humanities, King's College London
       [1]   From:    John Lavagnino <John.Lavagnino@kcl.ac.uk>           (60)
             Subject: ACH call for papers
       [2]   From:    K.J.Lack@open.ac.uk                                 (31)
             Subject: Subject Knowledges and Professional Practice - 7
             Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 07:28:09 +0100
             From: John Lavagnino <John.Lavagnino@kcl.ac.uk>
             Subject: ACH call for papers
    Digital Media and Humanities Research: ACH/ALLC Conference,
    New York City, June 13-17 2001
    The joint conference of the Association for Computers and
    the Humanities and the Association for Literary and
    Linguistic Computing is the oldest established meeting of
    scholars working at the intersection of advanced information
    technologies and the humanities, annually attracting a
    distinguished international community at the forefront of
    their fields. The theme for the 2001 conference is "Digital
    Media and Humanities Research", and it will feature plenary
    addresses by two leading scholars: Johanna Drucker,
    Robertson Professor in Media Studies at the University of
    Virginia, and Alan Liu, Professor of English at the
    University of California, Santa Barbara.
    ACH/ALLC 2001 invites submissions of between 750 and 1500
    words on any aspect of humanities computing or new media,
    broadly defined to encompass the common ground between
    information technology and problems in humanities research
    and teaching. We especially encourage submissions from any
    field which address the impact of new media on research
    methods and intellectual practices. As always, we welcome
    submissions in any area of the humanities, especially
    interdisciplinary work. Other areas of interest include the
    creation and use of digital resources, theoretical or
    speculative treatments of new media, and the application to
    humanities data of techniques developed in such fields as
    information science and the physical sciences and
    Successful proposals might focus on:
         * new approaches to research in humanities disciplines
           using digital resources dependent on images, audio, or
         * traditional applications of computing in the
           humanities, including (but not limited to) text
           encoding, hypertext, text corpora, computational
           lexicography, statistical models, and text analysis;
         * applications in the digital arts, especially projects
           and installations that feature technical advances of
           potential interest to humanities scholars;
         * information design in the humanities, including
           visualization, simulation, and modeling;
         * pedagogical applications of new media within the
           humanities; thoughtful considerations of the cultural
           impact of computing and new media;
         * the institutional role of humanities computing and new
           media within the contemporary academy, including
           curriculum development and collegial support for
           activities in these fields.
    Financial assistance for some speakers will be available:
    see the conference web page for details.  For the first time
    the conference will also feature a workshop session on
    academic and industry jobs in humanities computing and new
    The deadline for submissions of paper/session proposals is
    15 November 2000; the deadline for submissions of
    poster/demo proposals is 15 January 2001. See
    http://www.nyu.edu/its/humanities/ach_allc2001/ for full
    details on submitting proposals and on the conference in
             Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 07:29:13 +0100
             From: K.J.Lack@open.ac.uk
             Subject: Subject Knowledges and Professional Practice - 7 October
    ***apologies for cross-postings***
    Subject Knowledges and Professional Practice in the arts and humanities
    The Humanities and Arts higher education Network's 6th annual conference, to
    be held on the 7 October 2000 at The Open University, Milton Keynes.
    This conference will debate the question: is contemporary Professional
    Practice - with its emphasis on delivery of learning outcomes and
    information, on skills acquisition, etc., across all academic disciplines -
    at odds with traditional conceptions of subject knowledges in the arts and
    humanities, how and why they are taught and learned?
    The keynote address, 'Disciplining the Profession: Subjects Subject to
    Procedure', will be given by Dr Paul Standish.  This will be followed by a
    variety of workshops and paper presentations.  The attached pdf file,
    abstracts2000, gives more details about the programme and abstract
    information for each presentation/workshop.
    Deadline for registration: 1st October 2000
    If you would like to attend this conference, please contact Kelvin Lack
    (k.j.lack@open.ac.uk) or visit the HAN web site
    (http://iet.open.ac.uk/research/herg/han/index.htm) for more information.
    Alternatively, the attached pdf file flyer2000 contains a booking form.  The
    attendance fee is 40, however a concessionary rate of 25 is available for
    members of the Humanities and Arts higher education Network (HAN) and
    full-time students.  Contact Kelvin Lack for more information about the
    joining the HAN (membership is free-of-charge).
    ***please forward this email to interested colleagues***
    Kelvin Lack
    Institute of Educational Technology, The Open University
    Walton Hall, Milton Keynes, MK7 6AA
    Email: k.j.lack@open.ac.uk   Telephone: (01908) 653488

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