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Date: 09/25/00

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       [1]   From:    Jean-Francois Chenier <fc091807@er.uqam.ca>         (65)
             Subject: Colloque
       [2]   From:    Cajsa Baldini <cajsa.baldini@asu.edu>               (35)
             Subject: The Sixth Cardiff Conference, in Santiago de
                     Compostela, Spain
       [3]   From:    Arun-Kumar Tripathi <tripathi@statistik.uni-        (56)
             Subject: [RCCS]: CFP: Book Reviews in Cyberculture Studies
             Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 06:57:52 +0100
             From: Jean-Francois Chenier <fc091807@er.uqam.ca>
             Subject: Colloque
    Rencontres internationales " Identits narratives : mmoire et perception "
    Du 11 au 14 octobre 2000
      l'Htel des Gouverneurs
    Place Dupuis, 1415 St-Hubert, Montral
    Salle Sherbrooke
    Station de Mtro Berri-UQAM
    4 thmes :
    Mercredi : " Identit : l'individuel et le collectif "
    Jeudi : " Mmoire : l'archive et la ruine "
    Vendredi : " Perception : le rel et le virtuel "
    Samedi : " Narration : l'histoire et la fiction "
    Organisateurs :
    Simon Harel
    Jocelyne Lupien
    Alexis Nouss
    Pierre Ouellet
    Michel Audisio (Paris)
    Pierre Boudon (Montral)
    Grard Bucher (Buffalo)
    Michle Cadoret (Paris)
    Magda Carneci (Bucarest, Roumanie)
    Paul Chamberland (Montral)
    Jean-Franois Chiantaretto (Paris)
    ric Clmens (Bruxelles)
    Natalie Depraz (Paris)
    Jol Des Rosiers (Montral)
    Louise Dupr (Montral)
    Peter Frhlicher (Zrich)
    Bogumil Jewsiewicki Koss (Qubec)
    Michal La Chance (Montral)
    Jocelyn Ltourneau (Qubec)
    Alain Mdam (Paris, Montral)
    Sherry Simon (Montral)
    Rgine Robin (Montral)
    Jacques-Bernard Roumanes (Montral)
    Adelaide Russo (Baton Rouge)
    Serge Tisseron (Paris)
    Laurier Turgeon (Qubec)
    Jean-Philippe Uzel (Montral)
    Michel van Schendel (Montral)
    Antoine Volodine (Paris)
    Anthony Wall (Calgary)
    Cecilia Wiktorowicz (Montral)
    Lancement collectif jeudi 12 octobre 17h30
    Biennale de Montral
    1650, rue Berri
    Pour information : Caroline Dsy
    tl. (514) 987-3000, poste 1664
    fax. (514) 987-8218
    Adresse postale : Dpartement d'tudes littraires, UQAM, C. P. 8888, Succ
    Centre-Ville, Montral, Qc,
    CanadaH3C 3P8
    Ce colloque est organis dans le cadre du programme " Initiatives de
    dveloppement de la recherche " (IDR)
    du Conseil de Recherches en Sciences Humaines du Canada (CRSHC) et du
    Caroline Dsy
    Stagiaire postdoctorale et agente de recherche
    Dpartement d'tudes littraires/CELAT
    Universit du Qubec  Montral
    Tl.(514)987-3000, poste 1664#
    Fax (514)987-8218
             Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 06:59:12 +0100
             From: Cajsa Baldini <cajsa.baldini@asu.edu>
             Subject: The Sixth Cardiff Conference, in Santiago de Compostela, 
    The Sixth Cardiff Conference, in Santiago de Compostela, Spain
    19 - 23 July, 2001.
    Papers are invited for the Sixth Cardiff Conference on the Theory and
    Practice of Translation in the Middle Ages. The conference will be held
    July 19-23, 2001 in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. We welcome not only
    papers which address traditional aspects of the translation of texts into
    medieval vernaculars, but also those on the modern translation of medieval
    texts and those which, interpreting translation more broadly, deal with
    such issues as the translation of ideas, cultural understanding, or saints'
    Papers may be given in English, French or Spanish. Papers will be thirty
    minutes long. One-page abstracts and curriculum vitae should be sent by 15
    OCTOBER 2000 to:
    Dr. Rosalynn Voaden
    Department of English
    Arizona State University
    PO Box 870302
    Tempe, AZ 85287-0302
    Or as an email attachment to Rosalynn.Voaden@asu.edu. Please include email
    and postal address. Selected papers from the conference will be published
    by Brepols in The Medieval Translator 7. The cost of the conference will be
    $ 350 US, which will include registration, accommodation for five nights in
    a single room with private bath, breakfast and lunch each day, an opening
    reception and final banquet.
    There will be time set aside during the conference period to explore the
    many and varied attractions of Santiago and the surrounding area, either
    individually or as part of a group excursion.
    More information is available on-line at the conference website,
    ostela, or by e-mail to Cajsa Baldini, cajsa.baldini@asu.edu
    This conference is co-sponsored by The Arizona Center for Medieval and
    Renaissance Studies, the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela and the
    University of Wales, Cardiff.
             Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 07:02:19 +0100
             From: Arun-Kumar Tripathi <tripathi@statistik.uni-dortmund.de>
             Subject: [RCCS]: CFP: Book Reviews in Cyberculture Studies
    dear humanists,
    ((Hi, the following reviews are forwarded via "resource center for
    cyberculture studies" center at (http://otal.umd.edu/~rccs) --To
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    Thank you. Best.--Arun))
    Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2000 14:22:25 -0400 (EDT)
    From: david silver <dsilver@Glue.umd.edu>
         *** feel free to forward ***
    CFP: Book Reviews in Cyberculture Studies
    Each month, the Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies (RCCS)
    <otal.umd.edu/~rccs/> features two full-length reviews of books relevant
    to the emerging field of cyberculture studies. The reviews reflect a
    modest attempt to locate critically various contours of the emerging and
    interdisciplinary field of cyberculture studies, and cover a range of
    topics, from online culture, communities, and identities to hypertext,
    digital literacy, and artificial intelligence to Internet policy, the
    digital divide, and online privacy. Recent reviews include Zillah
    Eisenstein's Global Obscenities: Patriarchy, Capitalism, and the Lure of
    Cyberfantasy, Steve Jones's Doing Internet Research: Critical Issues and
    Methods for Examining the Net, and Lawrence Lessig's Code and Other Laws
    of Cyberspace.
    Currently, RCCS seeks scholars from across the disciplines to review the
    following titles:
        * Nancy Baym, Tune In, Log on: Soaps, Fandom, and Online Community
          (Sage, 1999)
        * Joseph E. Behar, editor, Mapping Cyberspace: Social Research on the
          Electronic Frontier (Dowling College Press, 1997)
        * Michael Gurstein, editor, Community Informatics: Enabling Communities
          with Information and Communication Technologies (Idea Group
          Publishing, 2000)
        * Amy Jo Kim, Community Building on the Web: Secret Strategies for
          Successful Online Communities (Peachpit Press, 2000)
        * Michael Margolis & David Resnick, editors, Politics as Usual: The
          Cyberspace "Revolution" (Sage, 2000)
        * Jenny Preece, Online Communities: Designing Usability, Supporting
          Sociability (John Wiley & Sons, 2000)
        * Arthur B. Shostak, Cyberunion : Empowering Labor Through Computer
          Technology (M.E. Sharpe, 1999)
    Book reviews run between 1500 and 2000 words and are published and
    archived online. To get a flavor of what the reviews are all about, visit
    <otal.umd.edu/~rccs/books/>. Anyone wishing to review should email David
    Silver <dsilver@glue.umd.edu> and enclose the following: the book you wish
    to review, a brief CV and/or any relevant experience, and a target date
    you would like for submission. DEADLINE FOR INQUIRIES: October 1, 2000.
    RCCS is an online, not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to study,
    research, teach, create, and critique diverse and dynamic elements of
    david silver
    resource center for cyberculture studies http://otal.umd.edu/~rccs
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