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       [1]   From:    "Bernd Krysmanski" <Hogarth_bibliographer@web.de>   (20)
             Subject: Forthcoming two-volume Hogarth bibliography
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             Subject: Visual Resources Association's New Image Collection
             Date: Wed, 04 Oct 2000 22:10:47 +0100
             From: "Bernd Krysmanski" <Hogarth_bibliographer@web.de>
             Subject: Forthcoming two-volume Hogarth bibliography
    Bernd Krysmanski
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    Dear Colleague,
    I have recently created a new website for Hogarth researchers all over the
    world. It includes information on my own publications, but also many other
    useful references to the vast amount of source literature on William Hogarth.
    Could I possibly ask you to include the following site in your list of
    Hogarth links:
    Thank you.
    Yours sincerely,
    Bernd Krysmanski
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             Date: Wed, 04 Oct 2000 22:20:14 +0100
             From: NINCH-ANNOUNCE <david@ninch.org>
             Subject: Visual Resources Association's New Image Collection 
    News on Networking Cultural Heritage Resources
    from across the Community
    October 4, 2000
    For Immediate Release
    Contact: Kathe Hicks Albrecht
                     Guidelines will focus on the acquisition and use
                         of visual images in educational settings
    (Washington, D.C., October 4, 2000) Visual Resources Association, the
    international organization of image media professionals, recently announced
    the publication of a new guide for visual resources professionals.  The
    Image Collection Guidelines: The Acquisition and Use of Images in
    Non-Profit Educational Visual Resource Collections will provide practical
    principles for the acquisition, attribution, and display of visual images
    for educational use.
    The Image Collection Guidelines were developed by the VRA Intellectual
    Property Rights Committee upon the conclusion of the U. S. Commerce
    Department Conference on Fair Use in 1998. Through representatives Virginia
    M.G. Hall (Johns Hopkins University) and Kathe Hicks Albrecht (American
    University), VRA actively participated in the Conference on Fair Use from
    1994 to 1998.   CONFU participants from museums, libraries, publishing
    companies, and educational institutions, sought to develop a set of
    guidelines for the use of digital images that would meet the needs and
    interests of museums, libraries, publishers, educators, and the general
    public. Although the CONFU process failed to result in approved guidelines
    for digital images, VRA participants recognized the importance of providing
    guidelines for those working in the field.
    Kathe Hicks Albrecht, chair of the Intellectual Property Rights Committee,
    explained that many educational institutions are dependent upon the use of
    illustrative images for teaching and that  the introduction of digital
    information and electronic networks has dramatically changed the use of
    visual information.  Issues of copyright, display standards, image
    duplication, and legal responsibility need to be addressed in the digital
    era.  Those who work in the information field and those who teach with
    illustrative images find that professionally accepted principles for
    acquisition, use, and display of these images can be very helpful.
    In May 2000, the newly published Image Collection Guidelines were featured
    in a double session at the American Association of Museums conference in
    Baltimore, Maryland .  The session, sponsored by the National Initiative
    for a Networked Cultural Heritage,  focused on resources and policies
    recently developed by  the cultural community and included the work of the
    American Association of Museums, the College Art Association, and the
    Visual Resources Association.
    Ann Whiteside, VRA President, stated that the Guidelines, originally
    published in the VRA Bulletin (Fall 1999, vol. 26, no.3, pp. 27-29), is
    available in print form for distribution to educational institutions and is
    also available electronically on the VRA website at
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