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Date: 10/10/00

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                   Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 14, No. 329.
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             Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 07:04:23 +0100
             From: Arun-Kumar Tripathi <tripathi@statistik.uni-dortmund.de>
             Subject: For and Against Method, Eric Higgs on _Technology and the 
    Good Life?_ & The Road since Structure
    Dear humanist scholars,
    Hello --some new books, sounds interesting --thought --might interest
    Title: Lakatos, Imre: For and Against Method
    Publisher: University of Chicago Press
    Paul Feyerabend said : "In 1970 Imre cornered me at a party. 'Paul,' he
    said, 'you have such strange ideas. Why don't you write them down? I
    shall write a reply, we publish the whole thing and I promise you--we
    shall have a lot of fun.'" Lakatos died before he could write his
    reply,  but this book reconstructs his counter-arguments from lectures
    and correspondence previously  unpublished in English--two eminent
    philosophers matching their wits and ideas on the subject of the
    scientific method.
    For more information, see the book synopsis at
    Title: Higgs, Eric: Technology and the Good Life?
    Publisher: University of Chicago Press
    Can we use technology in the pursuit of a good life, or are we doomed
    to having our lives organized and our priorities set by the demands of
    machines and systems? How can philosophy help us to make technology a
    servant rather than a master? Technology and the Good Life? uses a
    careful collective analysis of Albert Borgmann's controversial and
    influential ideas as a jumping-off point from which to address
    questions such as these.
    For more information, see the book synopsis at
    Title: Kuhn, Thomas S.: The Road since Structure
    Publisher: University of Chicago Press
    The fullest record we have of the new direction Kuhn was  taking during
    the last two decades of his life. The first part consists of essays in
    which Kuhn refines the basic concepts set  forth in Structure--paradigm
    shifts, incommensurability, and  the nature of scientific progress. In
    part II, Kuhn replies to many of  the criticisms of his earlier work.
    The third part is the transcript of a remarkable autobiographical
    interview conducted in Athens in 1995.
    For more information, see the book synopsis at
    Sincerely yours
    Arun Tripathi

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