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                   Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 14, No. 343.
           Centre for Computing in the Humanities, King's College London
       [1]   From:    "Charles W. Bailey, Jr." <cbailey@UH.EDU>           (54)
             Subject: Version 33, Scholarly Electronic Publishing
       [2]   From:    NINCH-ANNOUNCE <david@ninch.org>                   (100)
             Subject: Portal for Culture and Development
             Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 20:56:42 +0100
             From: "Charles W. Bailey, Jr." <cbailey@UH.EDU>
             Subject: Version 33, Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography
    Version 33 of the Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography
    is now available.  This selective bibliography presents over
    1,220 articles, books, electronic documents, and other sources
    that are useful in understanding scholarly electronic publishing
    efforts on the Internet and other networks.
           HTML: <URL:http://info.lib.uh.edu/sepb/sepb.html>
           Acrobat: <URL:http://info.lib.uh.edu/sepb/sepb.pdf>
           Word 97: <URL:http://info.lib.uh.edu/sepb/sepb.doc>
    The HTML document is designed for interactive use.  Each
    major section is a separate file.  There are live links to
    sources available on the Internet.  It can be can be searched using
    Boolean operators.
    The HTML document also includes Scholarly Electronic Publishing
    Resources, a collection of links to related Web sites:
    The Acrobat and Word files are designed for printing.  The Acrobat
    file is over 320 KB and the Word file is over 370 KB.
    (Revised sections in this version are marked with an asterisk.)
    Table of Contents
    1 Economic Issues*
    2 Electronic Books and Texts
           2.1 Case Studies and History*
           2.2 General Works*
           2.3 Library Issues*
    3  Electronic Serials
           3.1 Case Studies and History*
           3.2 Critiques
           3.3 Electronic Distribution of Printed Journals*
           3.4 General Works*
           3.5 Library Issues
           3.6 Research*
    4 General Works*
    5 Legal Issues
           5.1 Intellectual Property Rights*
           5.2 License Agreements*
           5.3 Other Legal Issues
    6  Library Issues
           6.1 Cataloging, Identifiers, and Metadata*
           6.2 Digital Libraries*
           6.3 General Works*
           6.4 Information Conversion, Integrity, and Preservation*
    7 New Publishing Models*
    8 Publisher Issues*
           8.1 Electronic Commerce/Copyright Systems*
    Appendix A. Related Bibliographies by the Same Author
    Appendix B. About the Author
    Best Regards,
    Charles W. Bailey, Jr., Assistant Dean for Systems,
    University Libraries, University of Houston, Houston, TX
    77204-2091.  E-mail: cbailey@uh.edu.  Voice: (713) 743-9804.
    Fax: (713) 743-9811.
             Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 21:08:42 +0100
             From: NINCH-ANNOUNCE <david@ninch.org>
             Subject: Portal for Culture and Development
    News on Networking Cultural Heritage Resources
    from across the Community
    October 10, 2000
                       World Bank Announces Global Development Gateway
                             A Portal for Culture and Development
     >From: efink@worldbank.org
     >>To: david@ninch.org
     >Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2000 12:25:39 -0400
     >The purpose of this posting is to introduce you to the Global Development
     >Gateway (GDG), a new initiative that is being launched by the World Bank.
     >The Gateway is an Internet initiative being established to serve the broadest
     >possible development community - both globally and through Country Gateways.
     >The purpose is to foster partnerships and create effective development
     >strategies by bringing together many different stakeholders  to contribute
     >solutions: local and donor communities, civil society, specialized
     >agencies, the
     >private sector, and many other partners.  The Gateway will provide access to
     >better information and know-how for the development community around the
     >It will also enable development partners to share information on development
     >activities, trends, funding, and commercial opportunities.
     >The project involves designing, constructing, and operating Internet portals
     >with  "guided" content on development projects, best practices, research
     >findings, case studies, procurement services, commercial opportunities in
     >developing countries, news, and directories. To ensure a fresh approach, the
     >Gateway is becoming an independent, not-for-profit foundation with a Board of
     >Governors representing different communities.
     >It should not surprise you that the topic of culture and development will
     >an important role in the Global Development Gateway. I have joined the Global
     >Development Gateway team to oversee the formation of a culture and
     >portal. The process will be a collaborative effort across the agencies
     >to and interested in culture as well as agencies involved in development.
     >I am pleased to inform you that as a first step in creating a culture and
     >development portal, Patrick Boylan, Professor of Heritage Policy and
     >City University of London, has agreed to be the "guide" or architect for the
     >culture and development portal. Professor Boylan and I will be forming an
     >advisory committee to help bring together content for the Culture and
     >Development Portal and to identify key topics and issues that can be
     >posted on
     >the site.
     >We hope to have a demonstration site available over the next few months.  The
     >success of the Culture and Development Portal will largely depend on your
     >and cooperation in serving as a content source, in suggesting other content
     >providers, and in helping us create a "meeting place" for user communities.
     >Please watch the CHDEV-L over the next few months for requests for
     >In the meantime you can visit the Global Development Gateway planning site
     >at: <http://www.worldbank.org/gateway>http://www.worldbank.org/gateway
     >Yours sincerely,
     >Eleanor E. Fink
     >Senior Cultural Heritage Specialist
     >Global Development Gateway
     >You can subscribe to the Cultural Heritage List Serve at:
     >(See attached file: CHDEVL revised Portal for Culture and Development.doc)
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