14.0360 transcription help with Wordsworth & Coleridge

From: by way of Willard McCarty (willard@lists.village.Virginia.EDU)
Date: 10/15/00

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                   Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 14, No. 360.
           Centre for Computing in the Humanities, King's College London
             Date: Sun, 15 Oct 2000 10:45:53 +0100
             From: Matt Kirschenbaum <mgk@pop.uky.edu>
             Subject: transcription help
    Graduate students in my ENG 570 Electronic Texts and Images course at the
    University of Kentucky are working to digitize original letters by
    Coleridge and Wordsworth from the W. Hugh Peal Collection here. Some have
    been previously published, some have not.
    A few of the students have run into difficulty transcribing portions of
    their letters, particulary those by Wordsworth. If anyone is interested in
    lending another pair of eyes to the effort (particularly if you have some
    experience in reading WW's hand) we'd be grateful for the outside
    assistance. Write me a note indicating your interest, and I will pass your
    name and email address along to the students, who will in turn send you a.)
    a copy of their transcription, and b.) a pointer to a high-resolution image
    of the original letter. Any assistance so rendered will be attributed.
    The online archive of letters will be released for public access by the
    University of Kentucky library when completed at the end of the semester.
    The course homepage, which describes the project in more detail, is located at:
    Best, Matt

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