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Date: 10/19/00

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             Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2000 08:07:36 +0100
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             Subject: UK Guide to Good Practice - Creating Digital Performance 
    News on Networking Cultural Heritage Resources
    from across the Community
    October 18, 2000
          Guide to Good Practice - Creating Digital Performance Resources
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    Dear Friends
    The PADS is delighted to announce that the final version of the PADS
    Guide to Good Practice - Creating Digital Performance Resources is
    now available from our site at:
    Contents of the Guide:
    1. Introduction
    Dramatic Forays into IT: working computers with a broom handle
    Barry Smith
    2. Digital Resources In Performance Studies
    How to design, build and maintain a database-powered web site
    Barry Russell
    Creating a multipurpose research tool for the study of King Lear
    Christie Carson
    Approaches to building digital archives
    Barry Smith
    Developing an e-journal: `Sound Journal'
    Alan Beck
    Teaching and Learning Applications:  `Digital Dialogues'
    David Hughes
    3. Digital Resources In Performance Practice
    I.T. and the Audio-Visual Theatre Essay
    Steve Dixon
    Internet-based Live Performance Work
    Sophia Lycouris
    4. Glossary
    The PADS gratefully acknowledges the work of all the contributors to
    the Guide and especially that of Professor Barry Smith, Editor of
    this volume.  A printed version published by Oxbow Books will be
    available later this year.
    The next PADS Guide to Good Practice - Creating Digital Audio
    Resources will be available from the PADS site in December 2000.
    Catherine Owen
    Performing Arts Data Service
    Department of Theatre, Film and Television Studies
    University of Glasgow
    G12 8QQ
    0141 330 4357
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