14.0439 Language Technologies 2001; OUCS Winter Seminars

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Date: 10/29/00

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                   Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 14, No. 439.
           Centre for Computing in the Humanities, King's College London
       [1]   From:    "David L. Gants" <dgants@english.uga.edu>           (23)
             Subject: NAACL-01 Final Call for Papers
       [2]   From:    "David L. Gants" <dgants@english.uga.edu>           (37)
             Subject: Winter Seminars at Oxford's Humanities Computing Unit
             Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2000 06:39:52 +0100
             From: "David L. Gants" <dgants@english.uga.edu>
             Subject: NAACL-01 Final Call for Papers
       >> From: Kevin Knight <naaclpgm@ISI.EDU>
    Please note electronic notification of submission due Nov 6,
    and hardcopy paper submission due Nov 9!
                         CALL FOR PAPERS
                    Language Technologies 2001:
          2nd Meeting of the North American Chapter of the
             Association for Computational Linguistics
                            June 2-7, 2001
         Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    [material deleted]
    Papers are invited on substantial, original, and unpublished research
    contributions on all aspects of computational linguistics, including, but
    not limited to: pragmatics, discourse, semantics, syntax and the lexicon;
    phonetics, phonology and morphology; interpreting and generating spoken and
    written language; linguistic, mathematical and psychological models of
    language; information retrieval and information extraction; corpus-based
    language modeling; multilingual processing, machine translation and
    translation aids; natural language interfaces and dialogue systems;
    language in multimedia systems; message and narrative understanding
    systems; tools and resources; and evaluation of systems.
    [material deleted]
             Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2000 06:43:30 +0100
             From: "David L. Gants" <dgants@english.uga.edu>
             Subject: Winter Seminars at Oxford's Humanities Computing Unit
       >> From: Frances Condron
       >> <frances.condron@computing-services.oxford.ac.uk>
    Winter Seminars at Oxford's Humanities Computing Unit
    10th - 12th January 2001
    Humanities Computing Unit, University of Oxford
    Booking deadline: 11th December 2000
    Oxford University's Humanities Computing Unit is pleased to announce three
    seminars on humanities computing, to be held in Oxford from the 10th to
    12th January 2001. They are updated repeats from the summer seminars
    series that ran in July 2000. The three seminars are:
    10th January: Putting your database on the Web
    11th January: Creating and documenting digital texts
    12th January: Working with XML
    The seminar website at http://www.hcu.ox.ac.uk/winter/ includes full
    details of the topics to be covered on each day.  Each seminar will
    give you the opportunity to consult with experts about your research
    projects, and will also combine practical hands-on sessions with
    formal presentations. All teaching will be carried out by members of
    the Humanities Computing Unit and Oxford University Computing Services.
    Who Should Come?
    You should come if you work, or plan to work, with digital data,
    especially in a research context. You should be familiar with
    the concepts of HTML, and with using the Internet. You will leave with
    a clear sense of the principles and processes of electronic text and
    database creation and delivery, and be able to identify those areas
    where you need to learn more.
    How Much Will It Cost?
    Each seminar costs 60 [pounds sterling] (30 [pounds sterling] for members
    of Oxford University). You
    can book for any combination of individual seminars.
    Booking information and further details are available online, at
    or contact Jenny Newman, Humanities Computing Unit, OUCS,  13 Banbury
    Road, Oxford OX2 6NN. Tel: +44 (0)1865 273221; fax: +44 (0)1865 273275;
    email: Jenny.Newman@oucs.ox.ac.uk

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