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Date: 11/03/00

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    >News on Networking Cultural Heritage Resources
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    >November 2, 2000
    >         Questia Media, Inc. Announces Prominent Librarian Advisory Council
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    > >From: Carol Hughes <CHughes@QUESTIA.COM>
    >      Questia Media, Inc. Announces Prominent Librarian Advisory Council
    >         Academic leaders form consortium to drive scholarly research
    >HOUSTON (November 1, 2000) - Questia Media, Inc. announces the formation of
    >its Librarian Advisory Council, created to provide strategic insight in
    >developing the collection which will grow to 250,000 scholarly books and
    >journals by 2003.  Importantly, this news follows the October 30
    >announcement of the Questia Advisory Council which includes Former First
    >Lady Barbara Bush, Harvard University Library Director Dr. Sidney Verba,
    >Xerox Corporation Chief Scientist Dr. John Seely Brown and Coalition for
    >Networked Information (CNI) Director Dr. Clifford Lynch.
    >       Inaugural members of the Librarian Advisory Council are all leaders
    >in the field of library and information science.  The distinguished
    >members include Rhoda Channing of Wake Forest University, Barbara
    >Doyle-Wilch of Skidmore College, Mari Miller of the University of
    >California, Berkley, Ann Okerson of Yale University, John Lubans of Duke
    >University, Sue Phillips of the University of Texas, and Julie Todaro of
    >Austin Community College.
    >       Questia's Librarian Advisory Council members will assist in the
    >analysis of student research needs.  Moreover, they will provide guidance
    >in the development of the Questia online collection and composition tools
    >that enhance writing skills among students.  The group will also be
    >instrumental in supporting and identifying current trends and issues in
    >higher education and librarianship.  Members serve two-year terms, with
    >meetings twice a year.
    >     "The appointment of this elite group of librarians and information
    >specialists reinforces our core mission of providing students worldwide
    >with better access to knowledge," said Troy Williams, founder and CEO of
    >Questia Media, Inc.  "Guidance from the advisory group will enable Questia
    >to develop its collection to best suit the needs of college students
    >     "From the beginning, Questia has recognized the importance of creating a
    >balanced scholarly collection which emphasizes the topics that college
    >students are researching most often," said Carol Hughes, Ph.D., Questia
    >director of collections development.  "This advisory council, along with
    >our first-rate staff of librarians, will help us continue to develop a
    >comprehensive service with the breadth and depth to meet researchers'
    >wide-ranging needs."
    >     As the world's largest digitization project, Questia is building the
    >first online research service for undergraduates, featuring unlimited
    >access to tens of thousands of scholarly books and journals.  Launching in
    >January 2001 with more than 50,000 books and journals, and growing to
    >250,000 by 2003, the subscription service will include a suite of
    >composition tools, with powerful keyword searches and hyperlinks.  The
    >Questia service will also have the ability to automatically format text, to
    >create footnotes as well as a bibliographies, in specified formats.
    >Rhoda Channing
    >Rhoda Channing is the Director of Wake Forest's Z. Smith Reynolds Library
    >in Winston-Salem, N.C.  She has been with Wake Forest for 11 years, and her
    >responsibilities have grown to include many aspects of library management,
    >academic facilities planning, and integration of high technology.  Her past
    >positions include social science reference librarian at the University of
    >N.C. at Chapel Hill, business and economics librarian at the University of
    >Kentucky, and chief librarian of school management at Boston College.
    >Barbara Doyle-Wilch
    >Barbara Doyle-Wilch, college librarian, is with the Lucy Scribner Library
    >at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, N.Y.  She began her career in
    >library science over 25 years ago, having held positions such as
    >Acquisitions Librarian, University of Illinois at Chicago, Collection
    >Development Consultant, Colorado State Library, and Dean of Academic
    >Services, Augustana College in Rock Island, Ill.  She is responsible for a
    >wide variety of library and media services, collection assessment, and
    >circulation services.
    >Mari Miller
    >Mari Miller, librarian for undergraduate collection for the University of
    >California at Berkley, possesses more than 25 years of professional
    >experience.  Her accomplishments include an award in 1997 for outstanding
    >contributions as Northern California Chair (1996-1997) from the California
    >Clearinghouse on Library Instruction.  In addition, she has served as
    >editor of the CCLI newsletter for five years and has held leadership roles
    >in the American Library Association including chairwoman of the ALA
    >Distance Learning Section Discussion Group and chairwoman of the ALA
    >Association of College Research Librarians Alliances for New Directions in
    >Teaching and Learning Discussion Group.
    >Ann Okerson
    >Ann Okerson is Associate University Librarian at Yale University.  She has
    >more than 25 years experience in her field, and she has authored numerous
    >articles and papers on topics from licensing to electronic libraries.
    >Ms. Okerson serves as the chief library officer for collections development
    >and management, as well as technical services.  One of her primary goals
    >at Yale is to make information resources, including digital resources,
    >available to Yale's students, faculty and staff. She was awarded the
    >and Information Technology Association(LITA)/Library Hi Tech Award in
    >of outstanding achievement in library and information technology in 1999.
    >John Lubans
    >John Lubans is Deputy University Librarian at Duke University. Currently
    >on sabbatical, he is writing and consulting about organizational studies
    >and Internet use, as well as conducting workshops for public and academic
    >librarians.  He holds Master of Arts degrees from the University of
    >Michigan School of Library and Information Science and from the University
    >of Houston Public Administration program.
    >Sue Phillips
    >Sue Phillips is associate director for technical and networked services for
    >the University of Texas' Austin General Libraries.  She plays an active
    >role in the university's digital library system, as well as the TexShare
    >program, a statewide library resource sharing program in Texas.
    >Julie Todaro
    >Julie Todaro, dean of library services at Austin Community College,
    >possesses more than 25 years of experience in library and information
    >environments.  A former member of the Texas Library Associations' Executive
    >Board, she is currently president of the Texas Library Association, and
    >chairs the Library Services and Technology Act Advisory Council for the
    >Texas State Library.  Ms. Todaro was presented with the Library
    >Administration and Management Association (LAMA) 1997 Institute of the Year
    >award, and was named Librarian of the Year in 1996 by the Texas Library
    >About Questia Media, Inc.
    >Founded in Houston in 1998, Questia Media, Inc. is building the first
    >online service to provide unlimited access to the full text of hundreds of
    >thousands of books and journals, as well as tools to easily use this
    >information.  For millions of college students and researchers, the
    >QuestiaSM service will enable them to efficiently research and compose
    >papers at any time, from every connected corner of the world.  Based in
    >Houston with over 270 employees, Questia is delivering on the true promise
    >of the Internet by providing access to a wealth of human knowledge. Visit
    >www.questia.com for more information and to receive a free one-month trial
    >                                    #  #  #
    >Click the following link for a sneak preview of Questia and an opportunity
    >to enroll for a free, no obligation one-month trial of the service,
    >redeemable when the service launches in January 2001.
    >Hurry! Opportunity to enroll for this offer expires 1/07/01.
    >Questia is a revolutionary new online service, helping undergraduate
    >students write better research papers faster and easier.  In addition to a
    >collection of tens of thousands of full-text hyperlinked books, it contains
    >a set of research and paper writing tools including an automatic footnote
    >and bibliography generator.
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