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             Subject: From The Scout Report October 27, 2000
    News on Networking Cultural Heritage Resources
    from across the Community
                         From The Scout Report October 27, 2000
    The following cites, deemed of greatest interest to this readership, have
    been culled from the Oct 27 issue of The Scout Report. For the complete
    issue see
    The UCLA Internet Report: "Surveying the Digital Future" [.pdf]
    EIRData: Princess Grace Irish Library
    Voter Turnout from 1945 to 1998
    _Echo_: online peer-reviewed music journal - UCLA
    LitSite, the Literary Community of Alaska
    Bethlehem Digital History Project [.pdf]
    David Green ===========
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    ====== Research and Education ====
    2.  The UCLA Internet Report: "Surveying the Digital Future" [.pdf]
    Released on October 25 by the UCLA Center for Communication Policy,
    this new report challenges the conventional wisdom that the Net
    creates social isolation. The 53-page report is the product of "the
    first comprehensive study ever conducted of the sweeping changes
    produced by the Internet," created to  "explore how computers,
    information technology and their users are shaping and changing
    society." In contrast to what some journalists and politicians have
    claimed, the vast majority of respondents to the study claimed that
    online activities such as email, chat rooms, and surfing have made a
    positive impact, if a modest one, on their ability to make friends
    and communicate with their family. The report itself offers lots of
    interesting information for anyone who uses or studies the Net. This
    includes the top ten Internet activities, who uses the internet,
    views about the Internet, email use, children and the Internet,
    online shopping, work and the Internet, and online contact and
    friendships. This is a very important study, and, as far as
    publications of this type go, not a bad read. [MD]
    4.  EIRData
    This new resource from the Princess Grace Irish Library (PGIL) is a
    useful tool for students and scholars of Irish Studies. Contents of
    the site include two datasets, a detailed biblgiography, the library
    catalogue, and electronic texts. The Author Dataset contains
    biographical and bibliographical information about Irish writers of
    all periods. Some entries also include citations of criticism and
    reference works. The Journal Dataset offers basic information on a
    fairly wide selection of periodicals published in and about Ireland.
    Both datasets are browsable by alphabetic entry and keyword
    searchable. The bibliography is composed of three sections: select
    listings of books published in 1996-98, tables of contents from
    literary and critical journals, and a full publication record of
    works published from 1990 to 1999. The library catalogue contains
    alphabetical listings of acquisitions to 1995, while the digital
    library provides access to the full text of a modest selection of
    Irish literary classics. A collection of related links and a PGIL
    Gazette round out the site. Please note that portions of the site are
    still under construction and that free registration is required to
    access the site. [MD]
    9.  Voter Turnout from 1945 to 1998
    International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA)
    Based on the International IDEA database of postwar elections, which
    covers 171 independent states, 1,129 parliamentary elections and 360
    presidential elections, this site is a useful resource for anyone
    studying voting trends internationally or in specific countries or
    regions. The site includes an overview (Global Survey) of postwar
    trends and specific data for each nation covered. This data is
    accessed via interactive maps or via country listings for
    parliamentary and presidential elections. Data includes year, total
    vote, registration, turnout percentages, and population size. The
    date at which each country's data was last updated varies. The main
    IEA site offers a number of publications and other resources related
    to the promotion of democracy. [MD]
    10. _Echo_
    Produced by the Musicology Department at the University of California
    at Los Angeles, this online peer-reviewed journal features articles,
    reviews, and interviews concerning musics and musical experiences.
    Visually appealing and nicely designed, the journal covers both
    classical and popular music. The frequency of the journal is not
    stated, but to date there have been two issues. The most recent
    includes articles on corporate music, _West Side Story_ and the
    Hispanic, book and music reviews, and an interview with jazz drummer
    Billy Higgins. [MD]
    13. LitSite, the Literary Community of Alaska
    Created by the Creative Writing Department at the University of
    Alaska Anchorage and the Alaska Literary Consortium, LitSite is an
    online literary magazine that promotes literacy and reading by
    showcasing Alaskan writers of all ages and skills, offering
    opportunities for sharing personal reading and writing experiences,
    and presenting stories from Alaskan oral traditions. In the Family
    Gatherings section of the site, for example, there is the story of
    Patty Ryall, who "wants her kids to be smart", so she reads 10 books
    a day to them. In addition to Family Gatherings, there are three
    other main sections of the site: Alaska Traditions, Alaska Reads and
    Alaska Writes. These can be accessed from a set button bars on the
    left. Each main section is further divided; Alaska Traditions
    consists of Stories to Live By, narratives and storytelling of the
    peoples of Alaska, and Life Stories, memories of what life was like
    in the not-too-distant past when Alaska was the last American
    frontier. To ease navigation through this material, there is a handy
    Contents section that lays out the site as a table, and lists all the
    stories in each part. The site also includes workbooks to help
    teachers develop exercises in reading and writing, and information on
    bookstores and literacy programs in libraries throughout Alaska. [DS]
    17. Bethlehem Digital History Project [.pdf]
    Created by the Bethlehem Area Public Libary and the Reeves Library,
    Moravian College and Theological Seminary, this site offers a number
    of different primary source materials that illuminate key elements of
    the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania community from its founding in 1741
    through 1844. These materials are organized thematically, under
    topics such as art, community records, education, land, music, and
    personal papers, among others. The site is still very much under
    construction, and none of the sections have been completed. However,
    there is just enough content available to make a visit worthwhile for
    anyone interested in the city or Moravian culture. This includes
    numerous brief memoirs (digitized original and transcription),
    several maps, a Bethlehem diary and ledgers, and the complete text of
    a 1799 travel account of the region. More content is promised for
    December. [MD]
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