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Date: 11/20/00

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                   Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 14, No. 504.
           Centre for Computing in the Humanities, King's College London
             Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 07:19:49 +0000
             From: Victoria Szabo <vszabo@stanford.edu>
             Subject: Job: Academic Technology/Language Lab Head
    Stanford is hiring for the following position (see below):
    Academic Technology Specialist
    Language Center
    Computing Information Systems Analyst
    The primary goals of the University-teaching, learning and research-are
    centered on the accumulation and distribution of information among faculty,
    staff and students. Because of tremendous technological advances in
    information sciences during the past few years, it is essential that
    Stanford University instructors make the best use of information resources,
    local and world-wide, in their classroom instruction and individual research.
    The Language Center is one of several schools and departments selected to
    participate in a program that will provide Academic Technology Specialists
    to assist instructors in basic tutorial and advanced development activities
    in use of technology resources. The Language Center is an integral part of
    the Division of Literatures, Cultures and Languages; it oversees all
    language instruction at Stanford. The Center's charge is to guarantee that
    Stanford language programs are of the highest quality; to develop and
    administer achievement and proficiency tests need to implement the language
    requirement; and to provide technical assistance and support to graduate
    students. Although language instruction is housed in individual departments
    within the Division, all instructors are supervised and evaluated by the
    Language Center and the Director. The Language Center Director oversees
    curriculum development in the language programs. In addition to working
    with foreign language instructors, the Academic Technology Specialist will
    devote up to 20 percent of his or her time in service to the Stanford
    University Libraries & Academic Information Resources. There the ATS will
    assist the broader academic community, via consulting and training, in
    using technology relevant to foreign language instruction.
    The incumbent will be a member of the Academic Technology Support Services
    unit within Stanford University Libraries & Academic Information Resources,
    and will report to the head of the program. He or she will have an
    understanding of second language acquisition acquired through in the
    development and/or use of foreign language materials in an instructional
    The Academic Technology Specialist will actively encourage and support the
    use of educational tools by investigating and implementing new tools and
    resources for instructors, assisting instructors with the tools,
    disseminating knowledge of these tools throughout the program, and creating
    and supporting an infrastructure that allows use of the tools in teaching
    and learning. He or she must be facile at working with instructors at
    different levels of technical expertise. Specific responsibilities include:
      Provide faculty with consulting and instruction on language acquisition
    specific technology to help them acquire and use information resources in
    their teaching. Provide customized technical and pedagogical solutions to
    integrate resources into the curricula of individual instructors. Assist
    instructors in developing curricula, course materials, and delivering
    courses in technology based classrooms. Work with instructors to assess
    course-specific instructional needs; help find and integrate appropriate
      Provide leadership in technology for the Language Center, assisting the
    Director with technology related programmatic development. Initiate ideas,
    implement solutions, find resources. Stay abreast of technological
    advances; test and integrate those that foster foreign language learning.
      Provide support for the implementation of a customized Web-based testing
    environment for use in foreign language curricula. This support may include
    training and consulting on use of the tool, preparation of materials, and
    participation in development and deployment activities.
      Participate as a team member in the Academic Technology Support Service
    in Meyer Library, providing consulting to faculty and colleagues when
    technical depth in foreign language technologies is needed.
      Assess training needs for language instructors; develop and deliver
    workshops; develop supporting documentation.
      Facilitate technology and Internet literacy. Guide instructors to
    appropriate resources and assist them in making their own contributions
    available via the Internet. Develop a Web site of relevant resources.
      Liaise with service providers throughout the University to advocate needs
    and obtain resources for language instructors and students.
      Review professional literature; attend conferences; network with
    colleagues within and without the University; participate in newsgroups and
    other forums to continually improve knowledge of academic technology and
    foreign language instruction.
    The ideal candidate will have a record of innovation and creativity in
    making technology accessible, understandable and appealing to an academic
    audience, and demonstrated leadership and resourcefulness in identifying
    and integrating technological solutions to pedagogical needs.
    Specific requirements include:
      At the 4P2 level, a baccalaureate degree in the humanities plus at least
    two years experience in academic computing. At the 4P3 level (preferred),
    an advanced degree in the humanities or education, plus at least five years
    experience in academic computing, or the equivalent combination of
    education and experience.
      Fluency in English and at least one other language. Expert knowledge of
    the second language learning process acquired through development of
    materials and/or teaching a second language.
      Excellent teaching, communication and interpersonal skills. Ability to
    interact effectively and tactfully with members of the academic community;
    experience working in an environment where colleagues have diverse
    backgrounds and customs. A keen understanding of, and sensitivity to, the
    human factors involved in introducing technology into teaching and learning.
      Excellent time management and project management skills. Demonstrated
    ability to manage a complex workload, prioritize tasks, and use good
    judgment in providing services based on goals.
      Demonstrated experience applying technology in support of teaching and
    learning foreign languages. Familiarity with applications, resources and
    techniques used in language teaching.
      Expert knowledge of Macintosh and Windows environments, and facility with
    UNIX. Experience with providing computing resources in a networked
      Experience developing Web sites using graphics, audio and video
    resources. Knowledge of multimedia systems including Photoshop, Powerpoint
    and Premiere or FinalCutPro.
      A commitment to excellence in an environment where success is based on
    the provision of excellent teaching rather than on individual accomplishments.
    Resumes will be reviewed on a rolling basis, may be submitted by mail, fax,
    or email to
    Victoria Szabo
    Assistant Manager, Academic Technology Program
    250-252P, MC2020
    Stanford University
    Stanford, CA 94305-6004
    fax: 650-723-3038
    Victoria Szabo, Ph.D.
    Academic Technology Specialist, Introduction to the Humanities
    Assistant Manager, Academic Technology Program, SUL-AIR
    Stanford University
    250-252P, MC: 2020
    (650) 723-9364

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