14.0506 Digital Divide Network: call for submissions

From: by way of Willard McCarty (willard@lists.village.Virginia.EDU)
Date: 11/21/00

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    The Benton Foundation's Digital Divide Network (DDN) is a national coalition
    of non-profit institutions and IT companies working together to help bridge
    the digital divide. The network's official website,
    DigitalDivideNetwork.org, is a
    one-stop online resource to raise awareness about the gulf that exists
    between those citizens who have access to information technology and the
    skills to use it effectively, and those who do not.
    One of DDN's major goals is to provide local organizations and institutions
    with a diversity of voices regarding the digital divide. We are encouraging
    individuals to submit articles that address the digital divide from a
    variety of social, cultural, political and/or economic perspectives. Our
    hope is to provide a forum for educators, policy professionals, community
    leaders and practictioners to share their experiences so that others might
    learn from their experiences. Among the types of stories that are featured
    at DigitalDivideNetwork.org:
    - How young people have successfully organized IT programs for seniors;
    - The role of faith-based organizations in bridging the digital divide;
    - The importance of crafting content that is culturally relevant;
    - Internet-related school-to-work programs;
    - Preparing recent immigrants for the information economy
    - The challenges of creating a community technology center
    - The spectrum of literacy skills needed to overcome the digital divide
    If you are interested in contributing an article to the Digital Divide
    Network (preferably 700-1500 words), please contact Kade Twist at the Benton
    Foundation: kade@benton.org or 202-638-5770.
    Kade L. Twist
    Policy Associate
    Communications Policy Program
    Benton Foundation
    950 18th Street, NW
    Washington, DC 20006
    Email: kade@benton.org
    Telephone: 202.638.5770
    Fax: 202.638.5771
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