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Date: 11/30/00

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             From: "David L. Gants" <dgants@english.uga.edu>
             Subject: Announcement of Coca Cola Collection In American Memory
       >> From: Danna Bell-Russel <dbell@loc.gov>
    Good afternoon,
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    The Coca-Cola Company Donates 50 Years of Television Commercials Reflecting
    World Culture To the Library of Congress
    20,000 Ads Are Largest Gift of Corporate Archives in Library's History
    The Library of Congress today announced that The Coca-Cola Company which is
    celebrating its 50th anniversary of television advertising, is donating its
    entire collection of historic television commercials as part of the
    Library's Bicentennial Gifts to the Nation program. The donation, which
    will eventually exceed 20,000 television ads, represents the largest
    donation of corporate advertising in the Library's 200-year history.
    The Coca-Cola gift reflects five decades of local cultures around the world
    and will provide an extraordinary resource to researchers and  historians
    of popular culture. The collection will be cataloged and digitized and
    eventually made accessible online. The gift will be conveyed to the Library
    over the next three to five years. The collection will cover the early
    1950s to the present and will include both U.S. and international ads, from
    the Company's portfolio of brands.
    Beginning November 29 a preview of the collection featuring historical
    information and images of Coca-Cola television advertising will be found on
    the American Memory at  <http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/ccmphtml/>  This
    preview presents a variety of television advertisements, never-broadcast
    outtakes, and experimental footage reflecting the historical development of
    television advertising for a major commercial product. Also included within
    the special presentations are a time line of television advertising and
    information about the history of Coca Cola Advertising. Users will also
    find a biography of Dr. John S. Pemberton, the inventor of Coca-Cola. A
    highlight of the collection is a compilation of outtakes from the famous
    "Hilltop" commercial of 1971, showing various scenes and actors that did
    not appear in the final version. Other spots include "Mean Joe Greene" (a
    television commercial that was so popular it spurred its own made-for-TV
    movie), the first "Polar Bear" spot, some experimental color television ads
    from 1964, some early black-and-white ads from The D'Arcy Agency in 1953
    and contemporary international ads from Malaysia, Tunisia and Japan.
    Please direct any questions to ndlpcoll@loc.gov

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