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    News on Networking Cultural Heritage Resources
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    December 7, 2000
                              TWO POSITION ANNOUNCEMENTS
    Two striking position announcements that caught our attention.
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     >Subject: AUL for Digital Library Systems Position Available
    TITLE: Associate University Librarian for Digital Library Systems
         Rutgers University Libraries (APP 147)
    RESPONSIBILITIES: The Rutgers University Libraries are committed to
    providing innovative library services and resources to support
    scholarship and research in the dynamic changing digital environment.
    The Libraries five year plan, A Bridge to the Future: The Rutgers
    Digital Library Initiative (DLI), was developed in partnership with the
    university community, and the libraries have become a university leader
    in digital information technologies and their scholarly applications.
    The Associate University Librarian for Digital Library Systems (AUL/DLS)
    will lead in the continuing analysis of the organization and its
    services, serving as the standard bearer and the negotiator for the DLI
    during this period of dramatic change in the function and services of
    academic libraries. As a member of the Libraries senior management team
    and planning group, the AUL/DLS will provide overall leadership to the
    organization in the area of digital technology.  He or she will be
    responsible for the development and deployment of digital technologies
    across the system, including networking, hardware, software, technology
    platforms, security, and the preservation of digital media.
    The AUL/DLS will support public service and digital library programs and will
    initiate and oversee research and development projects throughout the
    libraries, fostering a climate of collaboration, experimentation, and
    creativity.  He or she will be responsible for maintaining the highest
    level of technology awareness to advance the Libraries mission and
    The AUL/DLS will have direct administrative responsibility for
    the Libraries systems, cataloging, and acquisitions operations (63 FTE
    staff) and will deploy these resources to support emerging needs in the
    digital environment. The AUL/DLS will seek external support for the
    programs of the DLI through grants and gifts, working collaboratively
    with the Libraries Development Officer, administrators, library faculty
    members, and with other university departments and faculty.
    The AUL/DLS will be the Libraries primary liaison with university computing
    departments and will serve on university and campus committees that
    focus on information technology.  He or she will also represent the
    Libraries at national and international associations.
    QUALIFICATIONS:  A strong record of dynamic leadership and
    accomplishment in digital library development and management in a large
    consortial or academic setting.  Knowledge of emerging technologies and
    the ability to apply them within the research library environment.
    Strong analytical and conceptual skills and proven experience in solving
    problems and initiating actions for effective management within a
    complex, multi-location library system.  Demonstrated success as a
    collaborative team builder.  Superior interpersonal skills and excellent
    oral and written abilities.  Background and experience suitable for
    academic appointment including active participation in relevant
    professional associations and a record of scholarly activity.  An MLS or
    MIS from an ALA accredited school preferred, or an equivalent
    combination of education and experience with a demonstrated
    understanding of the service role of libraries in a university setting.
    SALARY: $85,000 minimum.  Competitive and negotiable based on experience
    and qualifications.
    LIBRARY AND UNIVERSITY PROFILE: With holdings of over three million
    volumes and 304 librarians and staff, the Rutgers University Libraries
    rank among the nations top research libraries.  Comprised of twenty-six
    libraries, collections, and reading rooms located on the campuses at New
    Brunswick/Piscataway, Camden, Newark as well as RU-Online, our  growing
    digital library, the Libraries provide resources and services to support
    the universitys mission of teaching, research, and service. Rutgers
    University Libraries have an annual materials budget of $9.2 million,
    $2.45 million of which is currently devoted to digital resources.
    Grants in excess of $1 million this year supported the Libraries
    digital initiatives. The Libraries use a variety of information systems,
    including Sirsis Unicorn, RLIN, OCLC, Sitesearch and Ovid. The
    Libraries will be participating in the universitys major program to
    replace its administrative systems over the next several years and will
    be using Oracle for all administrative functions. The Libraries actively
    participate in the Research Libraries Group, OCLC, METRO, and the newly
    established statewide academic consortium, the Virtual Academic Library
    Environment (VALE).
    As part of the DLI, the Libraries have focused on transforming the
    physical environments in several of its major libraries.  The Scholarly
    Communication Center (SCC), located in the Alexander Library, provides a
    teleconference lecture hall, social sciences and humanities data center,
    and two teaching laboratories supporting the undergraduate curriculum
    and research.  Plans are currently underway for a major renovation of
    the Douglass Library and for the establishment of the Center for
    Instructional Information Technologies (CIIT) at the Dana Library on the
    Newark campus.  Within the next few years, the Paul Robeson Library on
    the Camden Campus will also be undergoing renovations.
    Rutgers University has a distinguished history as a colonial college, a
    land-grant institution, and a state university.  Chartered in 1766the
    eighth institution of higher learning founded in the colonies before the
    revolution Rutgers has grown from a colonial college with a handful of
    students to one of the nations top public research institutions, with
    twenty-six degree-granting divisions on three major campuses throughout
    the state.  The university is ranked thirty-fifth among the top 100
    public and private higher education institutions in total research and
    development funding received. The universitys deployment of the $100
    million RUNet2000 project, one of the most expansive high speed
    networking projects in higher education, and the new RU-TV cable
    network, provide many opportunities for collaboration and an array of
    technological partnerships.  Rutgers fills its mission as New Jerseys
    state university by educating a diverse student body of over 48,000. As
    a national leader in diversity among its students and faculty, Rutgers
    ranks fourth among the public AAU institutions in the percentage of
    total minority enrollment and first in percentage of African-American
    students enrolled. Over sixteen percent of full-time faculty are members of
    a minority group, ranking the university sixth among AAU public
    research institutions.  Rutgers is committed to fostering a diverse and
    multicultural environment that values intercultural awareness. Members
    of the Rutgers community can participate in a full cultural life on or
    off campus, as well as enjoy New Jerseys diverse natural environments.
    Located in a major metropolitan area of the northeast, the university is
    an hour away from New York City and Philadelphia, and easily accessible
    by major transit systems. The local environment provides access to
    numerous museums, nationally recognized theaters, musical performances,
    as well as restaurants and markets reflecting the diversity of the New
    Jersey Community. The states outstanding shore communities can be
    reached in less than an hour by car.  While every university library
    offers a challenge in this exciting digital environment, the Rutgers
    University Libraries have a superb staff, enjoy tremendous university
    support, and are poised to advance to the next level in creating the
    library of the 21st century.  We invite the right person to join us on
    this journey and help create that future.
    THREE REFERENCES TO: Sandra Troy (APP.147), Libraries Personnel Officer,
    Rutgers University Libraries, 169 College Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ
    08901-1163, email:  stroy@rci.rutgers.edu, FAX: 732-932-7637
    Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, is committed to
    affirmative action and equal opportunity.
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