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       [1]   From:    "Robert J. O'Hara" <rjohara@uncg.edu>               (11)
             Subject: Re: intelligent e-journals?
       [2]   From:    Gerry McKiernan <gerrymck@IASTATE.EDU>              (87)
             Subject: EJI:A Registry of Innovative E-Journal Features and
             Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 09:42:30 +0000
             From: "Robert J. O'Hara" <rjohara@uncg.edu>
             Subject: Re: intelligent e-journals?
      >     I am interested in learning  of *any* and *all* e-journals  [or
      > e-magazines or e-newsletters or e-newspapers] that monitor the interaction
      > of a reader with the publication and based on such implicit behavior(s)
      > customizes the publication to match these 'expressed' interests so that the
      > reader is provided with (more) content that is similar / related
    Bob O'Hara
    Dr. Robert J. O'Hara (rjohara@post.harvard.edu - http://rjohara.net)
    Biology Department, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, NC 27402 USA
    Residential Colleges and Higher Education Reform: http://collegiateway.org
             Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 09:42:56 +0000
             From: Gerry McKiernan <gerrymck@IASTATE.EDU>
             Subject: EJI:A Registry of Innovative E-Journal Features and 
         _EJI: A Registry of Innovative E-Journal Features and Functionalities_
        I am pleased to announce the establishment of a new registry entitled
    _EJI_ [pronounced E.J.I. _or_ 'edgy"}. _EJI_ is a registry of "Innovative
    E-Journal Features and Functionalities" available at
                  [   http://www.public.iastate.edu/~CYBERSTACKS/EJI.htm ]
         Presently the following categories have been established for EJI:
         *  Accelerated Publication
         * Citation Management
         * Collective E-Journals
         * Indexing
         * Issue-In-Progress
         * Manuscript Submission and Tracking Systems
         * Open Peer Review
         * Overlay E-Journals
         * Personalized E-Journals
         * Reactive E-Journals
         * Virtual E-Journals
         * Virtual Filing Cabinets
          I have chosen not to define each category at this time and hope that
    MyWebColleague  will understand the nature of each category by visiting the
    linked entries.
         I am greatly interested in learning about *other* e-journals that have
    these features and functionalities.
         I am also interested in learning about other 'innovative' or
    'cutting-edge' e-journal features and functionalities as well as the
    e-journals that exhibit these.
    I have identified several additional features and functionalities and hope
    that MYWebColleagues are aware of such progressive e-journals. These are:
            * Annotative E-Journals
                  E-Journals that permit a reader to annotate the text of
                  an e-article with personal comments [This category would also
                  e-journals that allow a reader to highlight within an e-article
                  or to  make verbal annotations that would be appended to the
                  text. It could also include e-journals that include an audio
                  annotation by the author(s) to supplement an e-article's text]
             * Collaborative E-Journals
                   E-Journal that include a features that allows a reader
                   to retrieve the articles that were read by other readers
                   who also read the article currently being read by
                   a reader [The Amazon feature " Those who bought Book A
                   also bought Book B, C and D]
             * Raw and Supplemental Data    / Computer Code
                   This would include e-journals that allow an author
                   to include direct / access to raw or supplemental
                   data that is analyzed in the e-article; or software
                   code for analyzing the data
              * Interactive Formulae, Graphs and/or Models
                    This would include e-journals that allow readers to
                    interactive with formulas with the text of an article
                    to consider other possibilities with other data
                    or datasets
               * Relatedness
                  This a function found in Science Citation Index CD-ROM
                  that allows for the identification of 'related' papers based
                  upon the degree of shared references. This made be identified as
                  a 'related' function in the e-journal or a 'find similar'
               * Database Access
                 This would include e-journals that provide either
                 explicit or implicit access to database records either as
                 a separate database (e.g., Medline) or as a link to database
                 records (e.g., Science Direct)
                * Advanced Display
                  This would include e-journals that provide the ability to
                  display the results of a search in an alternative format, for
                  using visualization technologies  such as SPIRE  and other
                  visualization technologies developed at the Pacific Northwest
                  Laboratory [ http://multimedia.pnl.gov:2080/infoviz/index.html],
                  or those developed out of Xerox PARC [http://www.inxight.com/ ]
                  or Kohomen Self-Organzing Semantic  Maps (SOMs)
                   [  e.g., http://websom.hut.fi/websom/ ]
              * E-Journal Page Customization
                 E-Journals that allow a reader to customize an e-journal
                based upon personal display or organizational  preferences
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