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             Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 07:49:49 +0000
             From: NINCH-ANNOUNCE <david@ninch.org>
             Subject: Positions Available: Columbia university; Assoc of 
    Research Libraries
    News on Networking Cultural Heritage Resources
    from across the Community
    January 8, 2001
                                POSITIONS AVAILABLE
                   Columbia University Media Center: Program Coordinator
    Association of Research Libraries: Statistics and Measurement Research
                                            *  *  *
                   Columbia University Media Center: Program Coordinator
     >Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2001 11:18:21 -0500
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     >From: "Maurice S. Luker III" <msl5@columbia.edu>
     >Media Center for Art History, Archaeology, and Historic Preservation
     >Columbia University
     >Title: Program Coordinator
     >Description: Reporting to the associate director of the Media Center for
     >Art History, Archaeology, and Historic Preservation and providing
     >assistance to the director of the Center for Archaeology, the incumbent
     >coordinates the research, development, submission, and fiscal accounting
     >of project grants for art history, archaeology, and historic preservation.
     >Financial duties include administering payroll, purchasing, contracting,
     >budgeting, and auditing. The incumbent manages physical collections of
     >objects and images as well as media properties, including responsibility
     >for organizing and cataloguing materials, obtaining copyright permissions,
     >and drafting licensing contracts. The incumbent organizes equipment and
     >facilities operations as well as faculty and student study and training
     >programs and expeditions. The incumbent authors and edits reports,
     >specialized articles, and online materials. The incumbent supports faculty
     >and advisory council activities, presentations, classroom teaching, and
     >events. Other duties and responsibilities assigned as necessary.
     >Qualifications: BA/BS required with significant course work in art or
     >architectural history, archaeology, or architectural conservation;
     >advanced degree desirable. Fluency in at least one foreign language
     >preferred. At least two years work experience required, preferably at a
     >museum or other cultural institution or site. Experience with digital
     >imaging, databases, and multimedia materials for online libraries
     >desirable. Cataloguing and archiving experience in art history visual
     >resources, architectural graphics, or archaeological materials desirable.
     >Thorough knowledge of Microsoft Word and spreadsheet and database
     >software, such as Microsoft Excel and Access highly preferred. Familiarity
     >with project management software desirable. Ability to work with both PC
     >and Macintosh operating systems preferred. Knowledge of or ability to
     >learn quickly electronic funds management systems preferred. Must be
     >resourceful, highly organized, willing to learn independently, and able to
     >work collaboratively on multiple projects with faculty, staff, and students.
     >Please send CV by January 31, 2001, to:
     >821 Schermerhorn
     >1190 Amsterdam Ave
     >New York, NY 10027
     >The Media Center for Art History, Archaeology, and Historic Preservation
     >supports Columbia University art historians, archaeologists, and
     >architectural conservators in projects that consider material culture,
     >vision, media, and pedagogy. The range of interests encompasses the
     >political, environmental, demographic, economic, legal, cultural,
     >philosophical, interpretive, engineering, and preservation issues
     >concerning humanity's legacy of images, objects, artifacts, sculpture,
     >buildings, landscapes, and archaeological sites.
    Association of Research Libraries: Statistics and Measurement Research
     >Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2001 08:02:10 -0500 (EST)
     >From: Mary Jane Brooks <maryjane@arl.org>
     >To: David Green <david@ninch.org>
     >Position Description:
     >ARL Statistics and Measurement Research Assistant
     >The ARL Statistics and Measurement Research Assistant primarily collects,
     >analyzes, and publishes data about the ARL member libraries.  Among the
     >various annual publications/compilations produced are:  ARL Annual Salary
     >Survey, ARL Statistics, ARL Supplementary Statistics, ARL Academic Law and
     >Medical Library Statistics, ARL Preservation Statistics, and Library
     >Expenditures as a Percent of University Expenditures.  The ARL Statistics
     >and Measurement Research Assistant also works in grant-funded activities
     >and new projects as they are being defined and implemented.  The ARL
     >Statistics and Measurement Program describes and measures the performance
     >of research libraries and their contribution to teaching, research,
     >scholarship, and community service.  For more information please visit the
     >Statistics and Measurement website
     >Major Responsibilities:
     >1. Compiles survey data, produces and edits the annual statistical
     >publications.  The job duties include preparation of mailings, data input
     >and review, follow-up telephone calls and correspondence, maintenance of
     >logs and files, typing errata and footnotes, etc.  The research assistant
     >is given credit as a compiler and editor in the final publications.
     >2. Prepares documents for the WWW (both marking up existing documents and
     >preparing content directly for the website).  The Research Assistant may
     >also perform special projects, general research, and program support tasks
     >such as locating specific information and articles, writing short
     >documents and guides, and assisting with preparation of mailings,
     >promotional material, newsletter articles, and conferences.
     >3. The position involves extensive communication by telephone and email
     >with liaisons in over 120 research libraries, computer data inputting
     >(using programs such Filemaker Pro, Excel, SPSS, etc.) and creation and
     >manipulation of tables in Microsoft Word.
     >4. Contributes to the successful operation and completion of ARL projects
     >through participation in team decision making and implementation as part
     >of the ARL Statistics and Measurement Team comprised of the Senior Program
     >Officer for Statistics and Measurement, Web Developer and Analyst, and
     >Director of Information Services.  This person also works closely with
     >staff in the ARL Publications and Information Program areas including the
     >Publications Officer, the Publications Coordinator, and the Communications
     >Nature and Scope:
     >A. Organizational Relationships:
     >The ARL Statistics and Measurement Research Assistant reports to the ARL
     >Senior Program Officer for Statistics and Measurement.  Assignments are
     >performed under supervision and in accordance to detailed instructions and
     >B. Supervisory Responsibilities
     >This position may assign and monitor the work of temporary staff who
     >proofread activities and compile data from time to time as needs arise.
     >C. Skill requirements
     >A Bachelors degree is required.  The essential requirements for this
     >position include the ability to work accurately and efficiently while
     >meeting deadlines, and willingness to learn and improve internal
     >procedures for annual surveys.  Familiarity with word processing and
     >spreadsheets is essential.  Familiarity with research libraries, good
     >communication skills and people skills (good sense of humor!), and ability
     >to persuade others to provide what is needed to meet deadlines are
     >important.  In sum, good organizational skills, and attention to detail,
     >thoroughness, good editing and communication skills, and willingness to
     >learn and be involved with all aspects of the ARL Statistics and
     >Measurement Program are the skills required for this job.
     >Preferred skills include understanding and improving of data collection
     >processes; familiarity with HTML, Filemaker, Powerpoint, and
     >SPSS;  coursework in statistics, survey, and database design; experience
     >in conducting surveys; knowledge of research library operations, trends
     >and issues; and data analysis skills.  Some research library or related
     >experience and coursework in library and information science helpful.
     >This person is expected to have a strong service orientation for meeting
     >the needs of member libraries; to become knowledgeable about technology
     >and how to apply it to improve services; to communicate effectively with
     >others inside and outside the organization; to work effectively as part of
     >a team and at the same time provide personal leadership.
     >D. Problem Solving and Decision Making
     >Most problems relate to resolving data discrepancies and having good
     >analytical and troubleshooting skills in relation to data collection and
     >analysis.  Decision making skills include identifying discrepancies in
     >data reported, following up on their resolution, and communicating the
     >implications of these decisions.  The Research Assistant is also
     >responsible for setting up revised procedures for the efficient completion
     >of the projects.
     >E. Authority/Independence
     >The ARL Statistics and Measurement Research Assistant has project
     >responsibilities.  Depending on experience and qualifications the Research
     >Assistant is expected to plan, prioritize and organize work in order to
     >focus on what is critical.  This person is an integral part of the ARL
     >Statistics and Measurement Team comprised of the Senior Program Officer
     >for Statistics and Measurement, Web Developer and Analyst, and Director of
     >Information Services.  In dealing with member libraries and professional
     >colleagues, this position works closely with the Senior Program Officer
     >for Statistics and Measurement.  The ARL Senior Program Officer for
     >Statistics and Measurement conducts the annual performance and salary
     >Salary Range:   $25,097- $42,690.
     >Position Level: Job Level III
     >Schedule:       Starting date immediately.  Flexible 35 hr/week.
     >9:00 - 6:00 schedule.   Note:  This position is particularly busy from
     >October through May.
     >Contact:        For further information or application details, please
     >                         Mary Jane Brooks
     >                         Executive Officer
     >                         Association of Research Libraries
     >                         21 Dupont Circle, NW #800
     >                         Washington, DC  20036-1118
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