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             From: JoDI Announcements <jodi@ecs.soton.ac.uk>
             Subject: JoDI: a special issue on Hypertext Criticism

    Journal of Digital Information announces
    (Volume 1, issue 7, January 2001)
    Guest Editor: Susana P. Tosca, Oxford Brookes University, UK

    [Access requires registration, which is free; only entry of a userid is
    required. --WM]

      From the special issue editorial
    "Hypertext critics work with software and computer languages that support
    hypertextual structures and think about how using it can affect the ways we
    present or recover information as authors and readers, and even the way we
    think about information. This special issue brings some fresh air and a new
    perspective to Hypertext Criticism. Four brilliant young authors have
    contributed to the issue, which we really believe is special due to its
    innovative content and form."

    The issue includes the following papers:

    M. Engebretsen, Hypernews and Coherence

    A. Miles, Hypertext in the Dark: cinematic narration with links

    A. Rau, Wreader's Digest - How to Appreciate Hyperfiction

    J. Walker, Child's game confused: reading Juliet Ann Martin's oooxxxooo.

    The Journal of Digital Information is an electronic journal published only
    via the Web. The journal is currently available free to all users.

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