14.0616 XML editors

From: by way of Willard McCarty (willard@lists.village.Virginia.EDU)
Date: Wed Jan 24 2001 - 02:08:45 EST

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       [1] From: Martin Mueller <martinmueller@northwestern.edu> (4)
             Subject: Re: 14.0608 XML editors

       [2] From: "Areti Damala" <damala@students.phl.uoc.gr> (18)
             Subject: Re: 14.0608 XML editors

             Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 06:59:05 +0000
             From: Martin Mueller <martinmueller@northwestern.edu>
             Subject: Re: 14.0608 XML editors

       I had an email from Irma Dolezal <Dolezal@altova.com> at Altova, the XML
    Spy company, saying that their lite version was still available at $39.00
    and that they have an educational discount of 30% on their products. But as
    I understand it, the lite version does not include a validator.

             Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 06:59:43 +0000
             From: "Areti Damala" <damala@students.phl.uoc.gr>
             Subject: Re: 14.0608 XML editors

    Hi Susan,

    I am carrying out my Master in Humanities Computing trying to create a full
    function repository in xml concerning the byzantine period of the city of
    Veroia, in Northern Greece. I come from a humanities background and I' ve
    been having quiet a lot of troubles in finding a suitable xml editor for my

    I like very much the interface and functionality of XML Spy as well as the
    fact that you don't have to do anything else but setting up correctly you
    Internet Explorer with the xml parser and get to work.

    I've been trying as well X-Metal, XMLWriter (not a really elaborated tool
    at my opinion), excelon and quiet a lot of others.Neither of them suits
    (always from my point of view) for people with a "light" science or
    computer background.

    One of the problems of XML Spy is that it cannot support rendition with CSS
    stylesheets ( at least not till the 3.0 version).

    Concerning other tools a great one for creatimg and fully visualising XML
    schemas and DTD'S is XML Authority. It worths a trial drive...

    Best regards
    Areti Damala

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