14.0668 reader-designated hyperlinking

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Date: Tue Feb 13 2001 - 17:11:54 EST

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             Subject: Re: 14.0663 reader-designated hyperlinking

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             Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 21:54:40 +0000
             From: "P. T. Rourke" <ptrourke@mediaone.net>
             Subject: Re: 14.0663 reader-designated hyperlinking

    See the annotations feature of the Amaya editor/browser at
    http://www.w3.org/Amaya/ for an example of a browser that provides an
    annotation scheme which can include reader-designated hyperlinks (but they
    have only one direction, from the annotated text to the cited text, while I
    suspect that Nelson's hyperlinking scheme would be non-directional.

             Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 21:55:24 +0000
             From: Adrian Miles <adrian.miles@bowerbird.rmit.edu.au>
             Subject: Re: 14.0663 reader-designated hyperlinking

    At 6:40 PM +0000 12/2/2001, Humanist Discussion Group wrote:
    >I'd be interested in learning if such 'Reader-Designated HyperLinking'
    >in some form or other, particularly in any existing e-journal or one
    >currently being designed or revamped. I would also be interested in learning
    >about any literature or technology relevant to the concept of
    >'reader-designated hyperlinking'.

    a good place to start is
    Marshall, C.C. Toward an Ecology of Hypertext Annotation. in Shipman, F.,
    Mylonas, E. and Groenback, K. eds. Proceedings of the Ninth ACM Conference
    on Hypertext and Hypermedia: Links, Objects Time and Space - Structure in
    Hypermedia Systems, ACM, Pittsburgh, 1998, 40-49.

    where Cathy describes the XLibris system.

    the original mosaic browser (on mac anyway) allowed you to store local
    annotations for any web page, a feature i sorely miss. you might also like
    to look at the essay by michael joyce on constructive versus exploratory

    Joyce, M. Siren Shapes: Exploratory and Constructive Hypertexts. in Of Two
    Minds: Hypertext Pedagogy and Poetics, The University of Michigan Press,
    Ann Arbor, 1995, 38-59.

    hope this helps
    adrian miles


    lecturer in cinema studies and new media rmit university. lecturer in new media university of bergen.

    hypertext theory engine http://bowerbird.rmit.edu.au:8080/ video blog: vog http://hypertext.rmit.edu.au/vog/

    --[3]------------------------------------------------------------------ Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 21:56:54 +0000 From: "Francois Crompton-Roberts" <F.Crompton-Roberts@qmw.ac.uk> Subject: Re: reader-designated hyperlinking

    Isn't this just what the "Third Voice" browser add-on does? It caused fury and consternation among the community of Webmasters around the world because they considered it made them lose control over the contents of their sites. There was quite a furore last year but it appears to have died down again. I thought the idea appealing at the time but never investigated it through lack of time.

    This is what NetSurf Digest said about it:

    Third Voice Invented by three guys from Singapore, this third Voice isn't a band but a pretty neat browser plug-in that allows registered users to annotate any Web page anywhere - for personal purposes or for sharing with either a group or all Third Voice users. Fire up your favorite Web sites and be the first to add graffiti or responsible comment. If you can weather the dauntingly long agreement designed to discourage irresponsible use, Third Voice can be a clever subversive or constructive tool for advocates of Web democracy and broad-band opining. Third Voice offers a tour and Wired News has more depth.

    http://www.thirdvoice.com/ http://www.wired.com/news/news/technology/story/19722.html

    --- End of NetSurf Quote ---

    For more details of the opposition to TV, see for instance <http://www.worldzone.net/internet/pixelsnttv/>.

    Francois Crompton-Roberts

    PS how come a _humanities_ list mangles my cedilla???

    Francois C-R

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