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             Date: Tue, 06 Mar 2001 07:04:07 +0000
             From: Alan Burk <burk@unb.ca>
             Subject: Announcement - Summer Institute 2001 - Creating
    Electronic Texts and Images

    This announcement has been cross-posted; please excuse any duplication.

        Alan Burk
        Electronic Text Centre at the University of New Brunswick Libraries

       Announcing the Fifth Summer Institute at the University of New
                Brunswick / Fredericton / New Brunswick / Canada


    Creating Electronic Texts and Images -- a practical "hands-on"
    exploration of the research, preservation and pedagogical uses of
    electronic texts and images in the humanities.

    DATES: August 19 - 24, 2001
    INSTRUCTOR: David Seaman, University of Virginia
    PLACE: University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

    Sponsored by the Electronic Text Centre at the University of New
    Brunswick Libraries and the Department of Archives and Special

    The course will centre around the creation of a set of electronic texts and
    digital images. Topics to be covered include:

               SGML/XML tagging and conversion
               Using the Text Encoding Initiative Guidelines
               Ebooks (This will be an expanded component for this years institute)
               The basics of archival imaging
               The form and implications of XML
               Publishing SGML/XML on the World Wide Web
               EAD - Encoded Archival Descriptions

    The course is designed primarily for librarians and archivists who are
    planning to develop electronic text and imaging projects, for scholars who
    are creating electronic texts as part of their teaching and research, and
    for publishers who are looking to move publications to the Web.

    Course participants will learn how to create TEI encoded XML files from a
    selection of manuscripts from UNBs Archives and Special Collections; and,
    then, how to turn these XML files automatically into multiple formats,
    including HTML, PDF, and EBook. Participants will also have the opportunity
    to tag an EAD finding aid and explore issues in creating digital images.
    The work of the class will be made available on the Internet through the
    Electronic Text Centre at the University of New Brunswick Libraries Web

    COURSE PREREQUISITES: This year's institute presupposes that
    participants have some experience with the Web and an elementary
    understanding of HTML.

    The course will be held in the Instructional Technology Learning Centre
    (ITLC) in the Harriet Irving Library on the UNB campus. This
    state-of-the-art lab facility has a Windows 98 PC for each participant and a
    high end digital projection system. The facility is air conditioned.

    Registration WILL BE LIMITED to 20. The tuition ($850 Canadian
    dollars) will include all course fees for the Institute, some events,
    nutritional breaks,
    and lunches. Tuition does not include cost of accommodations.

    1. A reception and tour of Old Government House and dinner at the Sheraton -
    Sunday, August 19

    A reception and tour of the recently renovated Old Government House will
    give participants a chance to explore and to be introduced to one
    of the oldest and most historic sites in Fredericton. Old Government House
    is located on the bank of the St. John River in one of the most
    picturesque sections in downtown Fredericton. This will be followed by
    dinner at the Sheraton. Cost of reception, tour and dinner are
    included in the Institute's tuition.

    2. A barbeque - Wednesday, August 22

    There will be an informal barbeque (beef and lobster). Time and location
    yet to be decided. There will be a small charge for those
    requesting lobster.

    3. Friday Farewell Dinner - Friday, August 24

    A farewell dinner (for those still in Fredericton) in a relaxed setting with
    beer, wine and Maritime hospitality. Details will be provided before
    Friday. This dinner will be at one's own expense.

    The first event, the tour of Old Government House and dinner at the
    Sheraton, is subject to change. Check our Web site for the most up-to-date

    The Lord Beaverbrook Hotel in downtown Fredericton is offering special room
    rates at:

    $87.00 + tax (Canadian) Single Room
    $97.00 + tax (Canadian) Double Room

    Course participants will be responsible for making their own
    reservations. Lord Beaverbrook Hotel: Tel. 506-455-3371 or 1-800-561-7666.
    When booking rooms, please ask for block reserved under Harriet
    Irving Library to receive special rates. RESERVATIONS MUST BE
    RATE. All blocked rooms will be released after this date.
    Information about other accommodations is available at the City of
    Fredericton tourism Web page:

    You may also obtain further information by contacting Karen Kilfillen
    (klk@unb.ca or 506-453-4740). Information on prior institutes,
    including comments from participants, is available at:
                         Registration Form
    Use our Web Registration Form located at:
    or fill out our email version:

            Introduction To Electronic Texts and Images
                     August 19th to 24th, 2001

    In the space below, briefly outline your reasons for taking this course
    and describe projects which will utilize the skills you learn in this
    Business address:_______________________________________
    Home address:_______________________________________
    FAX: ____________________ email:________________________
    I am paying for:
    Registration fee $850 _____
    Method of payment (please circle one):
    1. Cheque (made payable to: UNB Libraries)
    2. Visa or Mastercard
    Card#: ___________________________________
    Expiry date:_______________________________
    3. Purchase Order (please attach):
    Payment is due in full by June 29, 2001. Refunds will not be honoured
    after July 13, 2001.

    Karen Kilfillen, Library Administrative Officer
    or mail or fax to:
    Karen Kilfillen
    UNB Libraries, PO Box 7500
    Fredericton, NB
    E3B 5H5
    PHONE: (506) 453-4740 FAX: (506) 453-4595
    Confirmation of registration will be sent to you after processing.

    Alan Burk, Associate Director of Libraries and Director of the Electronic
    Text Centre
    Phone: 506-453-4740 Fax: 506-453-4595

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