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                   Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 14, No. 786.
           Centre for Computing in the Humanities, King's College London

             Date: Sat, 07 Apr 2001 09:28:09 +0100
             From: Alan Morrison <alan.morrison@computing-services.oxford.ac.uk>
             Subject: Vacancy: Information Officer (Linguistics) Oxford Text

    Title: Information Officer (Linguistics)
    (Two year post in the first instance)
    Grade: RS1A
    Salary: 16,775 - 25,213 UKP
    Location: 13 Banbury Road, Oxford
    Post No:
    Reports to: Head of the Oxford Text Archive
    Other entitlements: 38 days annual leave including public holidays and
    Christmas closure Membership of the University's Pension Scheme

    Humanities Computing Unit and The Oxford Text Archive

    The Humanities Computing Unit (HCU) is based at Oxford University
    Computing Services and provides high-level support for all the humanities
    faculties within the University, as well as housing several national and
    international projects (e.g. the British National Corpus, the Humbul
    Humanities Hub of the RDN, and the UK host of the TEI Consortium).

    The Oxford Text Archive (OTA) is a long-established facility supported by
    Oxford University, and based within the HCU. Since 1996, the OTA has been
    working as a Service Provider for the national Arts and Humanities Data
    Service (AHDS) to support academics working in all areas of literary and
    linguistic studies. In addition to the OTA, there are four other AHDS
    Service Providers located at institutions throughout the UK (see
    http://ahds.ac.uk), whilst the AHDS Executive is based at King's College

    The OTA seeks to address three key areas:

    - Collect, catalogue, preserve, and redistribute digital resources of
    interest to those working in literary and linguistic studies within the
    UK's Higher Education and FE communities.

    - Develop appropriate licensing conditions and technical mechanisms for
    the effective distribution of such resources.

    - Promote good practice in the creation and use of such resources in both
    research and teaching.

    The Oxford Text Archive develops state-of-the-art online finding aids and
    browsing facilities, to provide users with direct access to all our
    services (see http://ota.ahds.ac.uk). It also offers an advisory service
    to scholars creating digital literary and linguistic resources within the
    UK HE and FE sectors.

    Following a study of the OTA's subject coverage and Collections Policy, it
    was decided that additional support should be offered in the area of
    Linguistics. To enable this activity, supplementary funding has been
    awarded to the OTA by the Arts and Humanities Research Board (AHRB) via
    the AHDS Executive. This new appointment represents a first step towards
    improving the OTA's provision for Linguistics and linguisticians, and the
    post holder will be actively encouraged to raise the profile of the OTA
    within this sector of the academic community.


    - Working in consultation with other OTA staff to identify digital
    resources produced by, for, or of interest to linguisticians, for
    potential accessioning by the OTA.

    - Actively promoting the services offered by the OTA/AHDS in support of
    Linguistics and linguisticians to appropriate sectors of the academic

    - Sharing advice and expertise with clients of the OTA and other members
    of staff of the AHDS.

    - Assisting with the production and development of cataloguing
    descriptions of digital resources for Linguistics held by the OTA.

    - Take advantage of appropriate training opportunities as these arise, in
    order to keep up to date with relevant skills and developments.

    - Carry out other appropriate duties from time to time as required.

    Qualifications and experience:

    Candidates will be judged on the basis of the following criteria and
    should try to ensure that their application shows how they meet the
    criteria. Candidates will be expected to give examples of relevant
    experience which need not be work experience, e.g. they may wish to give
    examples from college projects, voluntary work or skills gained while
    bringing up a family.


    - Degree level qualification (or equivalent) in Linguistics or
    closely-related discipline

    - Experience of working with digital resources produced by, for, or of
    interest to linguisticians


    - A post degree level qualification in Linguistics, or equivalent

    - Enthusiasm and willingness to learn about the latest developments in
    digital resource creation and manipulation.

    - Demonstrable awareness of the uses of digital resources in research and
    teaching within the Higher Education sector.

    - Ability to work independently.

    In addition to the above, candidates should have a genuine enthusiasm for
    working with digital resources, and want to join an exciting
    multidisciplinary team. All necessary training will be provided for the
    chosen candidate, and s/he should consider this post an excellent step
    towards a career in humanities computing, computational linguistics, or
    information management.


    Please send completed application forms to Mrs Nicky Tomlin, OUCS, 13
    Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 6NN (tel: 01865 273230, fax:01865 273275,
    email: nicky.tomlin@oucs.ox.ac.uk)

    Closing date for the submission of applications is 27th April 2001
    Interviews will be held during week commencing 8th May 2001

    Applicants should note that OUCS will only reimburse full travelling
    expenses within the British Isles for those candidates selected for

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