14.0787 Asian text processing

From: by way of Willard McCarty (willard@lists.village.Virginia.EDU)
Date: Sat Apr 07 2001 - 04:35:55 EDT

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             Date: Sat, 07 Apr 2001 09:19:09 +0100
             From: "Johnson, Wallace S" <wjohnson@ukans.edu>
             Subject: a computer program to aid in the study of asian texts.

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    .....I am starting to develop a computer program for
    the study of texts written in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean (Boolean
    searches, word counts, textual comparisons and the like) and would be glad
    to hear from anyone who knows of other efforts in this field. If you can
    help with making my interest known I would be very grateful to you.
    Wallace Johnson
    East Asian Languages and Cultures
    University of Kansas

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