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Wallace Johnson asks about other efforts in the field of the study of texts
written in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Perhaps the most significant achievement to date has been the project(s)
organized by Charles Muller at Toyo Gakuen University in Japan. A very large
CJK corpus in Unicode can now be searched using XML.

Resources for East Asian Language and Thought

Two other people in the field known to me are MORO Shigeki (Ph.D. candidate
at Toyo University) working on Buddhist CJK canonical texts.
and IYANAGA Nobumi (Otani University), also working on Buddhist material and
a great source of technical advice

Those studying premodern Japanese studies have a keen interest in problems
of CJK text processing. The database of the members of the "pmjs" mailing
list may be of interest.
As our selective archive show, we have had several long threads concerning
Japanese text processing, electronic resources and the like.

Michael Watson <watson@k.meijigakuin.ac.jp>
Meiji Gakuin University, Yokohama, Japan
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