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             Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 08:47:20 +0100
             From: NINCH-ANNOUNCE <david@ninch.org>
             Subject: April Issues of D-Lib Magazine & RLG DigiNews Available

    News on Networking Cultural Heritage Resources
    from across the Community
    April 19, 2001

                 April Issues of D-Lib Magazine & RLG DigiNews Available


    The lead articles of D-Lib Magazine this month address the Open Archives
    Initiative (OAI; not to be confused with the Open Archival Information
    System, OAIS, as Peter Hirtle's editorial pleads).

    Meanwhile, April's RLG DigiNews features two articles on Collecting and
    Preserving the Web.

    NINCH readers might also be particularly interested in the D-Lib article on
    digitization workflow of the Levy Sheet Music Collection at Johns Hopkins
    University as well as the report in RLG DigiNews of a Library of Congress
    conference on Best Practices for Digital Sound.

    David Green

    >Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 08:49:50 -0400
    >From: Bonnie Wilson <bwilson@cnri.reston.va.us>
    >To: Dlib-subscribers@dlib.org

    The April 2001 issue of D-Lib Magazine
    is now available. The table of contents is at

    In this issue, there are five full-length articles, several
    smaller features in D-Lib Magazine's 'In Brief' column, and
    news of upcoming conferences and other items of interest in
    'Clips and Pointers'. The Featured Collection for April is
    the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI).

    The April 2001 articles include:

    * Arc: An OAI Service Provider for Digital Library Federation
    By Xiaoming Liu, Kurt Maly, and Michael L. Nelson

    * Kepler: An OAI Data/Service Provider for the Individual
    By Kurt Maly, Mohammad Zubair, and Xiaoming Liu

    * Information Objects and Rights Management: A Mediation-based
    Approach to DRM Interoperability
    By John S. Erickson

    * Automated Name Authority Control and Enhanced Searching in
    the Levy Collection
    By Tim DiLauro, G. Sayeed Choudhury, Mark Patton, James W.
    Warner, and Elizabeth W. Brown.

    * Renardus Project Developments and the Wider Digital Library
    By Rachel Heery, Leona Carpenter, and Michael Day

    D-Lib has mirror sites at the following locations: UKOLN: The UK Office for
    Library and Information Networking, Bath, England

    The Australian National University Sunsite, Canberra,

    State Library of Lower Saxony and the University Library of
    Gettingen, Gettingen, Germany

    Universidad de Belgrano, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan

    (If the mirror site closest to you is not displaying the
    April issue of D-Lib Magazine at this time, please check
    back later. There is a delay between the time of the
    magazine is released in the United States and the time when
    the mirroring process has been completed.) Bonnie Wilson Managing Editor
    D-Lib Magazine
    DLib-Subscribers mailing list


    >From: Robin_Dale@NOTES.RLG.ORG
    >Subject: April 2001 Issue of RLG DigiNews is Now Available
    >Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2001 21:06:06 -0700

    The April, 2001 issue of RLG DigiNews is now available at

            (from North American, and other world sites) or

            (from UK Janet sites) or


            (from most European sites)

    The April 2001 issue includes:

    Volume 5, Number 2


    Feature Articles:

    * Collecting and Preserving the Web: The Minerva Prototype
    --by William Y. Arms, Roger Adkins, Cassy Ammen, and Allene Hayes

    * Collecting and Preserving the Web: Developing and Testing the NEDLIB
    --by Juha Hakala

    Conference Report:
    * Sound Practice: A Report of the Best Practices for Digital Sound
    Meeting, 16 January 2001 at the Library of Congress,
    --by Michael Seadle

    Highlighted Web Site: Cultivate Interactive

    FAQ: Andrew W. Mellon Electronic Journal Archiving Project


    RLG DigiNews is a bimonthly web-based newsletter intended to:

        * Focus on issues of particular interest and value to managers of
    digital initiatives with a preservation component or rationale.
        * Provide filtered guidance and pointers to relevant projects to improve
    our awareness of evolving practices in image conversion and digital
        * Announce publications (in any form) that will help staff attain a
    deeper understanding of digital issues.

    For more information about RLG or PRESERV, RLG's preservation community,
    please contact Robin Dale (Robin.Dale@notes.rlg.org).

    Robin L. Dale
    RLG Member Programs & Initiatives
    1200 Villa Street
    Mountain View, CA 94041-1100

    Ph: (650) 691-2238
    Fax: 650.964.0943
    Email: Robin.Dale@notes.rlg.org
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    Initiative for a Networked Cultural Heritage (NINCH). The subjects of
    announcements are not the projects of NINCH, unless otherwise noted;
    neither does NINCH necessarily endorse the subjects of announcements. We
    attempt to credit all re-distributed news and announcements and appreciate
    reciprocal credit.

    For questions, comments or requests to un-subscribe, contact the editor:
    See and search back issues of NINCH-ANNOUNCE at


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