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Date: Tue May 01 2001 - 02:29:15 EDT

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             Date: Tue, 01 May 2001 07:26:33 +0100
             From: Gregory Crane <gcrane@perseus.tufts.edu>
             Subject: Job at the Perseus Project


    Plays an integral role in this ten-year-old evolving digital library
    project, the goal of which is to bring a wide range of source materials to
    as large an audience as possible. Serves as a "computational humanist",
    assuming responsibility for the acquisition and integration of data into
    the digital library. Confirms viability and functionality of data; manages
    data in the Perseus version control system, including elementary system
    maintenance functions; vets and edits primary source materials such as
    texts or maps; writes publications on work and/or collaborates with other
    project members on such publications.

    Requires Bachelor's degree, one to three years' experience, a high level of
    computational skills, and extensive expertise in at least one area of the
    humanities, including, but not limited to: classics; early modern studies;
    the history of science; and 19th century American history. Advanced degree
    and three to five years' experience preferred. Must demonstrate either
    substantial programming skills or experience suggesting an aptitude to
    develop such skills while on the job. Knowledge of Windows or Mac systems
    required, UNIX/LINUX preferred; HTML skills required, CGI or JAVA
    preferred; familiarity with SGML a plus. Must possess self-direction, a
    high level of motivation, and the ability to take initiative and focus on
    multiple concurrent projects.

    Send resume to: hr-eresume@tufts.edu

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