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Date: Thu May 03 2001 - 02:10:19 EDT

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       [1] From: Prof I Butterworth <i.butterworth@ic.ac.uk> (28)
             Subject: Reports of two conferences

       [2] From: Michael Fraser <mike.fraser@COMPUTING- (33)
             Subject: Digital Asset Management Conference Announcement (fwd)

       [3] From: john.bourne@olin.org (25)
             Subject: Evaluating Course Management Systems - Online Workshop

             Date: Thu, 03 May 2001 07:03:44 +0100
             From: Prof I Butterworth <i.butterworth@ic.ac.uk>
             Subject: Reports of two conferences

    Members of the Humanist Discussion Group may be interested in the
    following two on-line reports of conferences:

    1) An international conference CODE, Collaboration and Ownership
    in the Digital Economy was held at Queens' College, Cambridge,
    5 and 6 April, 2001.
    It was organised by the Collaborative Arts Unit at the Arts Council of
    England in collaboration with the Academia Europaea, the Computer
    Laboratory, University of Cambridge and the Intellectual Property
    Unit at Cambridge University Law Faculty. With the generous support of
    ACE, East England Arts, The Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art,
    Science and Technology, The Center for the Public Domain and The
    Rockefeller Foundation.

    A recording and streaming the speeches and panel discussions at CODE
    is available at:

    The streams can be accessed using RealPlayer and LINUX-based browsers.

    2) In October 1999 the Academia Europae organised a Conference on "Virtual
    University? Educational Environments of the Future"
    at the Wenner-Gren Centre, Stockholm.
    The Proceedings, edited by Henk J. van der Molen, have just been published
    by Portland Press Ltd. The printed version can be purchased but the full
    proceedings are also available on the Web:
    http://www.portlandpress.co.uk/books/default.htm and click to "Online
    Ian Butterworth
    Vice-President Academia Europaea

             Date: Thu, 03 May 2001 07:06:00 +0100
             From: Michael Fraser <mike.fraser@COMPUTING-SERVICES.OXFORD.AC.UK>
             Subject: Digital Asset Management Conference Announcement (fwd)

    [Forwarded with thanks. --WM]

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    Date: Wed, 2 May 2001 14:22:34 -0500
    From: Catherine Grout <catherine.grout@KCL.AC.UK>

    **Conference Announcement**

    Title: Digital Asset Management Conference

    The digitisation of text, sound and moving image archives
    within libraries is critical to preservation and re-use.

    A high-level conference, drawing together commercial and
    educational users of Digital Asset Management, is taking
    place on 9 and 10 July this year in London. The event
    includes a panel session led by the JISC, plus
    presentations from the BBC, CNN, Tate and Coca-Cola, among

    You can view the agenda and register at:


    Please note that a special 50% discount has been arranged
    for libraries and museums.

    Kieron Osmotherly, Conference Director
    Henry Stewart Conference Studies
    Tel: +44 (0) 20 7404 3040
    E-mail: kierono@henrystewart.co.uk

    Catherine Grout
    Assistant Director, Development
    JISC/DNER Office
    Strand Bridge House
    138-142 Strand
    London WC2R 1HH

    voicemail: (0044) 0207 848 2493
    fax: (0044) 0207 848 2939
    e-mail: catherine.grout@kcl.ac.uk

             Date: Thu, 03 May 2001 07:06:37 +0100
             From: john.bourne@olin.org
             Subject: Evaluating Course Management Systems - Online Workshop

    From: John R. Bourne, Director, The Sloan Center for OnLine Education
    (SCOLE) at Olin and Babson Colleges

    Registration is now open for the Evaluating Course Management Systems
    Online Workshop which starts on Monday June 4, 2001 and runs through Friday
    June 29, 2001.

    This workshop provides an opportunity to try out and compare several course
    management tools (Blackboard, Prometheus, and WebCT).
    After you've had the opportunity to try out the software, both through
    specific tasks and also trying out other aspects, there is a
    trade-off analysis which will help you see how each vendor compares based
    on the items you feel are most important. You will also be able to compare
    your results with those of the other participants. If your faculty and
    staff are investigating this topic for your campus, you may be interested
    in having several people from your institution attend this upcoming online
    workshop. If you are interested in having your staff take this workshop,
    you may register at:

    If you would like more information about this workshop you may send email
    to marjorie.quinlan@olin.edu.

    Best Regards,

    John R. Bourne, Ph.D
    Director, The Sloan Center for OnLine Education at Olin and Babson Colleges
    Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Franklin W. Olin College
    of Engineering
    Professor of Technology Entrepreneurship, Babson College

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