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    Susan Hockey, Electronic Texts in the Humanities (Oxford, 2000).

    Susan Hockey writes ..." In recent years there has been a tremendous growth
    in the use of computing in the humanities, but there are still few places
    where humanities scholars can find out what computers can and cannot do for
    them beyond word processing and using the Internet." Click on this link to
    find out more...

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    Dear Ms Peel:

    I have been sent a copy of your enquiry to Lorna Hughes about circulating
    publicity information for books on humanities computing to members of the
    ACH. I am editor of the electronic seminar Humanist, for which see
    <http://www.kcl.ac.uk/humanities/cch/humanist/>. If you were to send me
    factual, bibliographic notices of new books on humanities computing from
    OUP I'd be pleased to circulate these to the membership. We don't circulate
    adverts as such, but I see no problem with informing people about new


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