15.107 hypertext and cooking?

From: by way of Willard McCarty (willard@lists.village.Virginia.EDU)
Date: Fri Jun 22 2001 - 01:57:12 EDT

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             Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 06:52:25 +0100
             From: lachance@chass.utoronto.ca (Francois Lachance)
             Subject: hypertext and cooking


    I wonder if in your review of the literature on and about hypertext you
    have encountered cookery metaphors.

    I ask because this excerpt from Julia Child echoes some of the concerns
    raised recently through the postings to Humanist subscribers. For those
    who prefer analogies other than the culinary, they may think in general
    terms of textbooks. Ms. Child writes :

    But what a problem for cookery bookery writers. How are we to know the
    extent of our reader's experience? I, for one, have solved that riddle by
    deciding to tell all. And I hope by the clever use of headings in the main
    text such as "For the sauce veloute," "Beating the egg whites,"
    "Clarifying the stock," and so forth, that the experienced cook will know
    where to skip along fast through the verbiage. But the full explanations
    are there for those who need them.

    Julia Child
    _From Julia Child's Kitchen_
    New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1975

    It is also evident that Ms. Child's experience with episodic delivery
    is akin to the lecture series. Her use of such cultural capital is worthy
    of emulation. She offers alternative ways of exploiting one's performances
    : " Where _The French Chef Cookbook_ takes all the recipes for the
    black-and-white shows and sets them forth as they were shown on the air,
    inorder and without further comment, this book pulls the new color shows
    apart and sets their subject matter into categories: soups, fish, meats,
    and so forth. (But it lists the shows and cross references them in the
    Appendix, thus making their recipes immediately accessible.)"

    Some one in the publishing world had an eye to releasing a set of video
    tapes keyed to the book.

    Has any one working on the archeology of multimedia explored such

    Francois Lachance,
    20th : Machine Age :: 21st : Era of Reparation

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