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    News on Networking Cultural Heritage Resources
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    October 30, 2001

                      Preservation Fellowship at Guggenheim Museum
                               Variable Media Initiative

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    Announcement: Fellowship at the Guggenheim Museum in New York

    A fellowship is being offered at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum for an
    in-depth study of the issues surrounding the preservation of ephemeral
    materials and/or electronic media.
    The fellow would help coordinate a project funded by the Langlois Foundation
    that supports the advancement of the Variable Media Initiative, a strategy
    for preserving the artistic integrity of a work through documentation prior
    to the obsolescence or deterioration of the primary physical materials.

    Responsibilities of the fellow will include: acting as a liaison between the
    conservation department, curatorial department, and the archives and
    documentation programs.

    The fellow will explore, study and collect standards for best practices and
    preservation of materials that will include, among others, analog and
    electronic media formats. Working with the conservators to implement the
    preservation methods, and assisting documentation and curatorial to record
    all concerns. The fellow should have an interest in conservation and
    documentation practices, as well as a good understanding of the current
    contemporary art environment. Familiarity with materials and processes,
    including photography, film, magnetic and electronic media formats is
    preferable. Knowledge of and interest in relational and object-oriented
    databases is a plus.

    The fellow will be supervised by representatives from each department:
    Curatorial, Conservation, and Archives, Library, & Museum Records. The
    project is for one year, the hours are flexible and a modest stipend
    offered. Interested candidates should contact Jon Ippolito at

    Ann E. Butler

    Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
    Telephone: 212 360-4241
    Telefax: 212 360-4340


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