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       [1] From: Methods for Modalities <m4m@science.uva.nl> (76)
             Subject: Second Call for Papers for HyLo@LICS

       [2] From: NINCH-ANNOUNCE <david@ninch.org> (125)
             Subject: Copyright Seminars: Lansing, MI (Feb 20); Adelphi, MD
                     (April 4-5)

             Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 06:58:42 +0000
             From: Methods for Modalities <m4m@science.uva.nl>
             Subject: Second Call for Papers for HyLo@LICS


                            4th WORKSHOP ON HYBRID LOGICS

                            LICS 2002 Affiliated Workshop
    >>> JULY 25, 2002 <<<
                                 Copenhagen, Denmark

                              SECOND CALL FOR PAPERS


       Hybrid logic is a branch of modal logic in which it is possible to
       directly refer to worlds/times/states or whatever the elements of the
       (Kripke) model are meant to represent. Although they date back to the
       late 1960s, and have been sporadically investigated ever since, it is
       only in the 1990s that work on them really got into its stride.

       It is easy to justify interest in hybrid logic on applied grounds,
       with the usefulness of the additional expressive power. For example,
       when reasoning about time one often wants to build up a series of
       assertions about what happens at a particular instant, and standard
       modal formalisms do not allow this. What is less obvious is that the
       route hybrid logic takes to overcome this problem (the basic
       mechanism being to add nominals --- atomic symbols true at a unique
       point --- together with extra modalities to exploit them) often
       actually improves the behavior of the underlying modal formalism. For
       example, it becomes far simpler to formulate modal tableau and
       resolution in hybrid logic, and completeness and interpolation
       results can be proved of a generality that is simply not available in
       modal logic. That is, hybridization --- adding nominals and related
       apparatus --- seems a fairly reliable way of curing many known
       weaknesses in modal logic. For more general background on hybrid
       logic, and many of the key papers, see the Hybrid Logics homepage:


       HyLo@LICS is likely to be relevant to a wide range of people,
       including those interested in description logic, feature logic,
       applied modal logics, temporal logic, and labelled deduction.
       Moreover, if you have an interest in the work of the late Arthur
       Prior, note that this workshop is devoted to exploring ideas he first
       introduced 30 years ago --- it will be an ideal opportunity to see
       how his ideas have been developed in the intervening period.

       In this workshop we hope to bring together researchers from all the
       different fields just mentioned (and hopefully some others) in an
       attempt to explore what they all have (and do not have) in common. If
       you're unsure whether your work is of relevance to the workshop,
       please check out the Hybrid Logics homepage. And do not hesitate to
       contact the workshop organisers for more information. We'd be
       delighted to tell you more. Contact details are give below.


       We are very pleased to announce that Professors Moshe Vardi and Melvin
       Fitting have accepted to be invited speakers at HyLo@LICS. Program and
       titles of the talks will be released in following announcement, but we
       are already looking forward to hear about their perspective on Hybrid


       We invite the contribution of research papers to the workshop. Please
       send electronically an extended abstract of up to 10 A4 size pages,
       in PostScript format to: carlos@science.uva.nl BEFORE the 26st of
       APRIL, 2002. Please note that all workshop contributors are required
       by the LICS organizers to register for FLoC 2002.


            Deadline for Submissions: April 26th, 2002
            Notification of Acceptance: May 24th, 2002
            Deadline for Final Versions: June 25th, 2002


       Please visit http://www.hylo.net for further information.

       Send all correspondence regarding the workshop to the organizers:

            Carlos Areces
            e-mail: carlos@science.uva.nl

            Patrick Blackburn
            e-mail: patrick@aplog.org

            Maarten Marx
            e-mail: marx@science.uva.nl

            Ulrike Sattler
            e-mail: sattler@cs.rwth-aachen.de


    M4M: Methods for Modalities www.science.uva.nl/~m4m

    --[2]------------------------------------------------------------------ Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 06:59:06 +0000 From: NINCH-ANNOUNCE <david@ninch.org> Subject: Copyright Seminars: Lansing, MI (Feb 20); Adelphi, MD (April 4-5)

    NINCH ANNOUNCEMENT News on Networking Cultural Heritage Resources from across the Community February 14, 2002

    American Society for Information Science & Technology (Michigan Chapter): "Digital Libraries and Copyright" Feb 20, 2002 (6pm-8:30pm): Library of Michigan, Lansing, MI http://www.asis.org/Chapters/michap/events.html Free of Charge

    Copyright Management in Higher Education: Access, Control and Use April 4-5, 2002: Adelphi, MD: University of Maryland University College http://www.umuc.edu/distance/odell/cip/copy_manage2002/ $275 ($225 before March 21)

    >Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 15:20:34 -0500 >From: "Scott Lapinski" <slapinski@MCO.EDU> >> AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR INFORMATION SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY MICHIGAN CHAPTER (MI-ASIST) PRESENTS: "Digital Libraries and Copyright" http://www.asis.org/Chapters/michap/events.html

    Guest Speakers: * Wendy Lougee, Associate Director, University Library for Digital Library Services; University of Michigan. * Susan M. Kornfield, Chair, Intellectual Property Practice Group; Bodman, Longley & Dahling LLP.

    Discussion Facilitator: Professor Barry Neavill, Wayne State University

    When: February 20, 2002 (Wednesday) 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

    Where: Library of Michigan, Lansing, MI (directions: http://www.libraryofmichigan.org/welcome/maps/directions.html parking: http://www.libraryofmichigan.org/welcome/maps/parking.html )

    Wendy Lougee will provide a short overview of the landscape factors shaping digital libraries, including how the organizations have adapted as they evolved, and she will provide some examples from the University of Michigan to illustrate the challenges and new opportunities in designing digital collections.

    Susan Kornfield will cover some basic principles about copyright law and contrast those principles with rules and policies adopted by some libraries under the guise of "complying" with copyright law.

    PROGRAM SCHEDULE: 6:00/6:30 - Light Dinner and Conversation 6:30/6:40 - Welcome Note and Introduction of Speakers 6:40/7:20 - "An Evolving Library: Lessons from the Field" by Wendy Lougee 7:20/8:00 - "Common Misconceptions About Copyright: Implications For Library Policymaking" by Susan Kornfield 8:00/8:30 - Questions, Open Discussion and Closing Remarks

    REGISTRATION (please respond by 2/18): Contact Allison Kopczynski, p: (734) 302-4747 f: (734) 302-4996 akopczynski@cyber-state.org / P.O. Box 134001, Ann Arbor, MI 48113-4001 Light dinner and program: Members--$5 / Students--free / Guests (non-members)--$8 Meeting and program only -- free to all PLEASE RESPOND BY 2/18

    More Info at: http://www.asis.org/Chapters/michap/events.html or http://www.asis.org/Chapters/michap/feb2002michap.pdf


    Copyright Management in Higher Education: Access, Control and Use April 4-5, 2002: Adelphi, MD: University of Maryland University College http://www.umuc.edu/distance/odell/cip/copy_manage2002/ $275 ($225 before March 21)

    The Center for Intellectual Property at the University of Maryland University College is hosting a seminar titled: Copyright Management in Higher Education: Access, Control and Use April 4th - 5th 2002. http://www.umuc.edu/distance/odell/cip/copy_manage2002/

    The digital age has greatly increased concerns about ownership, access, and control of copyrighted information. As substantial users and creators of copyrighted information, colleges and universities must develop mechanisms that effectively manage information on the networked campus. Protective technologies are being developed that hold the promise of perfect control and the peril of substantially limited access to information. Comprehensive intellectual property policies are needed to provide clear guidelines for ownership and proper use of information. Moreover, stakeholders in higher education should understand the substantial changes being made in federal information policy that will affect colleges and universities in the twenty-first century.

    The Keynote speaker will be Laura "Lolly" Gasaway, Director, Law Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Intellectual Property Scholar, Center for Intellectual Property, University of Maryland University College.

    Additional confirmed presenters and panelist include:

    - Dan L. Burk, Faculty Associate, Center for Bioethics; Professor, University of Minnesota Law School; and Associate Director, Joint Degree Program in Law, Health, and the Life Sciences. - Kim Kelley, Associate Provost and Executive Director of the Center for Intellectual Property, University of Maryland University College - Todd Kelley, Associate Provost and Librarian of the College, St. Mary's College of Maryland - Arnold P. Lutzker, Partner, Lutzker & Lutzker LLP - Carol Risher, Senior Vice President-Business Development Savantech, Inc. - Siva Vaidhyanathan, Assistant Professor, School of Library and Information Studies, University of Wisconsin at Madison - John C. Vaughn, Executive Vice President, Association of American Universities - Fred (Rick) W. Weingarten, Director of the Office for Information Technology Policy of the American Library Association - Dr. Larry Wilt, Director of the Albin O. Kuhn Library & Gallery, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

    Please register early since space is limited. Early registration ends March 21, 2002.

    For additional information visit our web site at http://www.umuc.edu/distance/odell/cip/copy_manage2002/ or call 301-985-7777.


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