15.561 the LIQUID Project: access to multilingual textbases

From: Humanist Discussion Group (by way of Willard McCarty (w.mccarty@btinternet.com)
Date: Thu Apr 04 2002 - 01:11:52 EST

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             Date: Thu, 04 Apr 2002 07:06:50 +0100
             From: "Pablo Usabiaga" <liquid@cervantes.es>
             Subject: LIQUID Project

    LIQUID (Language Independent Querying for Information Discovery), is a RTD
    project which main objective is the development of a cost-effective
    strategy to provide cross-language access to multilingual text databases.
    The domain of the text database used in this project is gastroenterology,
    and the selected languages are English, Spanish, German and French;
    however, the results achieved by this project may be expanded, in the
    future, into other languages and fields of knowledge. The project's goal is
    to implement a querying system which, in response to a query introduced by
    a user in his own language, will retrieve documents in the various
    languages that are addressed in the text database. In order to do so, the
    query is automatically translated from the user's languange into the rest
    of languages through a semantic network which is linked to indexed terms
    which occure in the texts. The development of this semantic network is also
    one of the tasks covered by LIQUID. This project, funded by the INFSO DG of
    the European Commission, as part of Key Action III "Multimedia Contents and
    Tools" of the IST Programme, began in January 2001 and will end in December
    2002. The partners participating in LIQUID are: SchlumbergerSema (Spain),
    Language and Computing (Belgium), Koordinierungszentrum fr Klinische
    Studien - Heinrich-Heine Universitt Dsseldorf (Germany), IMIM - Institut
    Municipal d'Investigaci Mdica (Spain), Clinical Information Science Unit
    - University of Leeds (United Kingdom), OESI - Instituto Cervantes (Spain),
    Center for Health Care Quality and European Union Center - University of
    Missouri-Columbia (USA).

    More information about LIQUID is available from the European Commission
    Human Language Technologies website

    from the LIQUID website (<http://liquid.sema.es>http://liquid.sema.es) and
    from the OESI-Instituto Cervantes website
    Additional information about LIQUID and Human Language Technologies may
    also be requested by e-mail to <mailto:liquid@cervantes.es>liquid@cervantes.es.

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