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Date: Mon Apr 29 2002 - 02:00:27 EDT

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             Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 06:59:11 +0100
             From: "Al Magary" <al@magary.com>
             Subject: Re: 15.614 advice for an online edition, plus another query

    I've been working recently with facsimiles online at Penn--a great, growing
    collection--and EEBO. One of the great problems of linking text--plain to
    highly coded--to images is simple: numbering of images is inevitably
    consecutive. For one's own purposes, you have to keep track of things in a
    double manner--eg, "p230/rp254," meaning p.230 using the book's page
    numbering, running page or image 254 in the facsimile.

    Simple problem, no easy solution. EEBO doesn't make it easy to find even a
    page whose number you know, even if the book has an adequate (but facsimile,
    too) table of contents and/or index. You have to guess at the image
    number--easy if you know how many pages of frontmatter there are and the
    images are single-page, very difficult if the image is double-page, which is
    common in making facsimiles of small books. Penn is somewhat more helpful
    in this, but has the advantage of doing much of the work perhaps decades
    after the first EEBO microfilm images were made.

    In general, all online publishers of facsimiles, though deserving of our
    thanks for making rare, inaccessible, fragile, and/or invaluable material
    available relatively instantly right at our desks, could usefully add some
    reader's aids in HTML: table of contents and index hyperlinked to the

    But maybe that's work for us users. I certainly suggest it to Robert Knapp
    for his project.

    Al Magary

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