16.029 anti-plagarism software

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             From: "Nancy Weitz" <nancy.weitz@computing-services.oxford.ac.uk>
             Subject: Re: 16.025 anti-plagarism software?

    We've made a couple of forays into this issue and found that the current
    plagiarism-detection packages have limited use and depend on what you wish to
    test for. It's likely, however, that there will be improvements in the future.
    The two main strands of software are:

    - those which test for collusion (students copying from each other). These
    compare word usage and phrasing and are most effective once there are
    sufficient "banks" of essays to test against. It's possible that this
    strand could extend
    to other print sources, if publishers cooperate.

    - those which test for copying from internet sources. These are generally
    glorified search engines.

    More information about some specific programs and links to larger studies
    can be found at: http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/ltg/reports/plag.shtml (note: the
    are access-protected to Oxford)

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    > Dear Fellow Humanists:
    > I am sending this query in the hope that you may assist a colleague, Edward
    > Foster <ejff@sun.ac.za> in his quest .w.r.t. anti-plagiarism software. He
    > is seeking recommendations on the efficacy of such software, the range of
    > options available (freeware, shareware, etc), and any other relevant
    > information. Any and all opinions are most welcome.
    > Many thanks,
    > Jennifer De Beer
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