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Date: Mon Jun 03 2002 - 07:19:53 EDT

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       [1] From: csmr2003@unisannio.it (42)
             Subject: CSMR 2003 - CALL FOR PAPERS

       [2] From: "Domenico Fiormonte" <mc9809@mclink.it> (49)
             Subject: CLiP 2002 conference

       [3] From: "Leonel Ruiz Miyares (Centro Ling. Aplicada)" (14)
             Subject: Symposium in Cuba, 2003

             Date: Mon, 03 Jun 2002 11:53:30 +0100
             From: csmr2003@unisannio.it
             Subject: CSMR 2003 - CALL FOR PAPERS

    Dear colleague:

          We would like to invite you to participate in the Seventh European
          Conference on Software Maintenance and Reengineering, which will be
          held in Benevento, Italy, March 26-28, 2003, and to submit a paper.


          (Please apologize for multiple copies)

                                 Seventh European Conference on
                             Software Maintenance and Reengineering
                                         Benevento, Italy
                                        March 26-28, 2003
                                          CALL FOR PAPERS

          CSMR is the premier European Conference on Software Maintenance
          and Reengineering. Its purpose is to promote both discussion and
          interaction about evolution, maintenance and reengineering.

          Topics of interest include, but are not restricted to:

          Evolution, maintenance and reengineering:
                  + pattern languages
                  + experience reports (successes and failures)
                  + tools
                  + enabling technologies
                  + formal methods
                  + system assessment
                  + web-site
          Metrics and economics
          Software evolution and architecture recovery
          Migration and maintenance issues
          Dealing with legacy systems towards new technologies
          Wrapping and interfacing legacy systems
          Data reengineering
          Reverse engineering of embedded (control, mobile, ...) systems
          Evaluation and assessment of reverse engineering tools

          One of the basic intentions of this conference is to offer a
          European forum for discussion and exchange of experiences among
          researchers and practitioners. Therefore, besides academics, we
          kindly invite all those in companies developing maintenance tools,
          offering reengineering services or going through legacy systems
          migration experiences to contribute by submitting papers or
          presenting innovative tools, solutions or experience reports. This
          conference is not limited to European participants; authors from
          outside Europe are also welcomed.

    [material deleted]

             Date: Mon, 03 Jun 2002 12:02:53 +0100
             From: "Domenico Fiormonte" <mc9809@mclink.it>
             Subject: CLiP 2002 conference

    [Summary of the CLiP conference series is given below.]

    Estimados amigos y amigas:

    Tenemos el placer de enviarles informacin acerca del Congreso
    Internacional CLiP 2002 "Computers, Literature and Philology", que tendr
    lugar en la Facultad de Humanidades de Albacete del 5 al 7 del prximo mes
    de diciembre.

    Pueden obtener informacin ms detallada en la siguiente direccin en Internet:


    Confiamos en que esta informacin sea de su inters.

    Reciban un saludo muy cordial,

    Oficina del Espaol en la Sociedad de la Informacin

    Proyecto EUROMAP Tecnologas Lingsticas
    Oficina del Espaol en la Sociedad de la Informacin (OESI)
    Instituto Cervantes
    Libreros, 23, E-28801 - Alcal de Henares, Madrid
    Tel.: 91.888.72.94; Fax: 91.888.18.26
    Boletn de noticias EUROMAP: http://www.hltcentral.org/page-900.0.shtml
    LangTech 2000 (Berln, 26 y 27 de septiembre de 2002):

    >The international seminars Computers, Literature and Philology (CLiP) have
    >taken place every year since 1998 at a different European university. The
    >initiative for the first seminar was taken by literary scholars who were
    >not only aware of the importance of the new technologies for the
    >humanities, but also of what the humanities had contributed to the
    >creation of digital culture in general and to the content of the Internet
    >in particular.
    >Notwithstanding their short history, the CLiP seminars are already
    >considered by specialists to be a very prestigous forum for discussion of
    >outstanding scientific quality and supraregional importance.
    >The discussions at the CLiP seminars are devoted to the integration of
    >Philology and Information Technology. In this context, 'Literature' and
    >'Philology' are to be understood in more general terms. 'Literature' means
    >all sorts of texts (spoken, written, Hypertext etc.), which may also
    >contain images, sound materials, graphs etc. 'Philology' means the
    >scholarship devoted to these texts from diverse perspectives. The
    >theoretical and practical questions posed by the creation of digital
    >materials and the integration of Philology and media technologies are
    >debated. The implications for research and teaching are examined, and
    >current projects in the field are
    >The aim of the CLiP seminars is to approach these questions from a
    >multicultural European perspective and to establish collaboration in
    >research and teaching. These discussions are also part of the
    >international debate about the discipline of Humanities Computing which is
    >happening at the interface between the Humanities and Information
    >Technology. The participants are interested in the exchange of ideas,
    >methods and techniques with scholars from outside Europe.

             Date: Mon, 03 Jun 2002 12:08:09 +0100
             From: "Leonel Ruiz Miyares (Centro Ling. Aplicada)"
             Subject: Symposium in Cuba, 2003



    JANUARY 20-24, 2003

    The Center of Applied Linguistics of the Santiago de Cuba's branch of the
    Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment, is pleased to announce
    the Eight International Symposium on Social Communication. The event will
    be held in Santiago de Cuba January 20th through the 24th, 2003. This
    interdisciplinary event will focus on social communication processes from
    the points of view of Linguistics, Computational Linguistics, Medicine,
    Voice Processing, Mass Media, and Ethnology and Folklore.

    [See <http://parlevink.cs.utwente.nl/Cuba/> for details,
    <http://parlevink.cs.utwente.nl/Cuba/english.html> for details in English.
    Remainder of this message deleted.]

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