16.051 Report of the Workshop on Digital Imagery for Works of Art

From: Humanist Discussion Group (by way of Willard McCarty (w.mccarty@btinternet.com)
Date: Mon Jun 03 2002 - 07:23:55 EDT

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             Date: Mon, 03 Jun 2002 12:10:05 +0100
             From: "Waters, Donald" <DJW@Mellon.org>
             Subject: Report of the Workshop on Digital Imagery for Works of Art


    The following announcement may be of interest to members of the Humanities
    Computing discussion group.


    Stephen M. Griffin, National Science Foundation
    Donald Waters, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation


    On November 19-20, 2001, the National Science Foundation, The Andrew W.
    Mellon Foundation, and the Harvard University Art Museums jointly sponsored
    an invitational workshop on Digital Imagery for Works of Art. This workshop
    was organized by Kevin Kiernan (University of Kentucky), Charles Rhyne (Reed
    College), and Ron Spronk (Harvard University), and was designed to bring
    together computer and imaging scientists who have been active in digital
    imagery research with a particular group of end users, namely research
    scholars in the visual arts, including art and architecture historians, art
    curators, conservators, and scholars and practitioners in closely related

    The specific purpose of the meeting was to explore how the research and
    development agenda of computing, information and imaging scientists might
    more usefully serve the research needs of research scholars in the visual
    arts. At the same time, participants looked for opportunities where
    applications in the art history domain might inform and push information
    technology research in new and useful directions.

    The final report of the workshop is now available at
    http://www.dli2.nsf.gov/mellon/report.html. This Web page contains a copy
    of the report in HTML and a link to a printable version in Adobe Acrobat
    format. This Web page also contains a link to a comment form. The
    organizers and sponsors would very much welcome comments and other feedback
    from readers of the report. Of particular interest would be links to
    ongoing efforts in the various areas emphasized in the report, as well as
    pointers to resources (collections, tools, etc.) that may be useful for
    future collaborative work.

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