16.049 NEH Summer Stipends 2003

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Date: Mon Jun 03 2002 - 07:23:06 EDT

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             Date: Mon, 03 Jun 2002 11:54:11 +0100
             From: "Bramson, Leon" <LBramson@neh.gov>
             Subject: 2003 SUMMER STIPENDS AWARDS: $5,000 Deadline: October
    1, 2002

            The NEh Summer Stipends program received 751 applications last fall,
    and made 117 awards for the summer of 2002. We are now making plans for the
    October 1, 2002 deadline. This year, for the first time, applications for
    Summer Stipends will be submitted electronically through the NEH website.
    Individuals who are interested in obtaining access to the guidelines and
    application instructions are invited to visit the NEH website at


    The list of awards for the summer of 2002 is available on the website,
    giving project titles, names, and institutional affiliations of successful
    applicants. Questions about the program can be sent via e-mail to
    <stipends@neh.gov> or via telephone: (202) 606-8200

    Leon Bramson
    Senior Program Officer
    Division of Research Programs

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