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           Centre for Computing in the Humanities, King's College London

             Date: Tue, 04 Jun 2002 07:35:22 +0100
             From: Katja Mruck <mruck@zedat.fu-berlin.de>
             Subject: FQS 3(2) "Using Technology in the Qualitative Research
    Process" online

    Dear All,

    The 8th issue of the on-line journal FQS -- "Using Technology in the
    Qualitative Research Process" -- is now available at

    Enjoy reading!
    Katja Mruck

    Former issues:

    - FQS 1(1) Qualitative Research (January 2000)
    - FQS 1(2) Qualitative Psychology (June 2000)
    - FQS 1(3) Text, Archive, Re-Analysis (December 2000)
    - FQS 2(1) Qualitative and Quantitative Research (February 2001)
    - FQS 2(2) Special Issue: FQS Reviews I (May 2001)
    - FQS 2(3) Cultural Sciences (September 2001)
    - FQS 3(1) Criminology (January 2002)

    All full texts are available for free.


    Edited by Graham R. Gibbs, Susanne Friese & Wilma C. Mangabeira

    The following contributions are available online:
    F Full text, A Abstract
    E English, F French, G German, S Spanish

    Graham R. Gibbs, Susanne Friese & Wilma C. Mangabeira: The Use of New
    Technology in Qualitative Research. Introduction to Issue 3(2) of FQS
    (FE, AG, AS) [The German full text will be available in June]

    Roberta Bampton & Christopher J. Cowton (UK): The E-Interview (FE, AG,

    Sharon A. Bong (UK): Debunking Myths in Qualitative Data Analysis (FE,
    AG, AS)

    Sylvain Bourdon (Canada): The Integration of Qualitative Data Analysis
    Software in Research Strategies: Resistances and Possibilities (FE, AG,

    David Brown (UK): Going Digital and Staying Qualitative: Some
    Alternative Strategies for Digitizing the Qualitative Research Process
    (FE, AG, AS)

    Patrick Carmichael (UK): Extensible Markup Language and Qualitative Data
    Analysis (AE, AG, AS) [The English full text will be available in June]

    Digenes Carvajal (Columbia): The Artisan's Tools. Critical Issues when
    Teaching and Learning CAQDAS (FE, FS, AG)

    Bibi Holge-Hazelton (Denmark): The Internet: A New Field for Qualitative
    Inquiry? (FE, AG, AS)

    Thomas Irion (Germany): Collection, Presentation and Analysis of
    Multimedia Data with Computers (FG, AE, AS)

    Anne Marie Kanstrup (Denmark): Picture the Practice-Using Photography to
    Explore Use of Technology Within Teachers' Work Practices (FE, AG, AS)

    Sabine C. Koch & Joerg Zumbach (Germany): The Use of Video Analysis
    Software in Behavior Observation Research: Interaction Patterns in
    Task-oriented Small Groups (FE, AG, AS)

    Marc Koerschen, Jessica Pohl, H. Walter Schmitz & Olaf A. Schulte
    (Germany): New Techniques in Qualitative Conversation Analysis:
    Computer-based Transcription of Videoconferences (FG, AE, AS)

    Thorsten Meyer, Harald Gruppe & Michael Franz (Germany): Microsoft
    Access for the Analysis of Open-ended Responses in Questionnaires and
    Interviews (FG, AE, AS)

    Connie M. Moss & Gary Shank (USA): Using Qualitative Processes in
    Computer Technology Research on Online Learning: Lessons in Change from
    "Teaching as Intentional Learning" (FE, AG, AS)

    Bruno Nideroest (Switzerland): Computer-Aided Qualitative Data Analysis
    with Word (FG, AE, AS)

    Kathryn A. Roberts & Richard W. Wilson (UK): ICT and the Research
    Process: Issues Around the Compatibility of Technology With Qualitative
    Data Analysis (FE, AG, AS)

    Cory Secrist, Ilse de Koeyer, Holly Bell, & Alan Fogel (USA): Combining
    Digital Video Technology and Narrative Methods for Understanding Infant
    Development (FE, FS, AG)

    Robert Thompson (Australia): Reporting the Results of Computer-assisted
    Analysis of Qualitative Research Data (FE, AG, AS)

    Elaine Welsh (UK): Dealing with Data: Using NVivo in the Qualitative
    Data Analysis Process (FE, AG, AS)

    Josef Zelger & Andreas Oberprantacher (Austria): Processing of Verbal
    Data and Knowledge Representation by GABEK-WinRelan (AE, AG, AS) [The
    English full text will be available in June]


    Ronald Hitzler (Germany): The Reconstruction of Meaning. The State of
    the Art in German Interpretive Sociology (FG, AE, AS) [pre-published:
    April 2002]


    Guenter Mey: Editorial Note: 2 Years FQS Review: 18 Publishers, 74
    Reviews, 3383 Mails (FG, AE, AS)


    Volker Barth (France, Germany): Society as a Dialectical Process -
    Victor Turner in Between Ndembu and Bob Dylan (FG, AE, AF, AS)
    [pre-published: Febr. 2002]

    Jaan Valsiner (USA): Ethnography Lost and Found: Qualitative Methodology
    Between Science, Art, and Social Powers (FE, AG, AS) [pre-published:
    Febr. 2002]


    David Howarth (2000). Discourse
    reviewed by John Cromby (UK) (FE, AG, AS) [pre-published: April 2002]

    Stefan Beck (Ed.) (2000). Technogene Naehe. Ethnographische Studien zur
    Mediennutzung im Alltag [Technogenetic Closeness. Ethnographic Studies
    on the Use of New Media in Everyday Life]
    reviewed by Nicola Doering (Germany) (FG, AE, AS) [pre-published: March

    Dorothe Ninck Gbeassor, Heidi Schaer Sall, David Signer, Daniel Stutz &
    Elena Wertli (1999). Ueberlebenskunst in Uebergangswelten:
    ethnopsychologische Betreuung von Asylsuchenden [The Art of Surviving in
    Transitional Worlds: Counselling for the Asylum Seekers]
    reviewed by Victoria Hegner (Germany) (FG, AE, AS) [pre-published: Febr.

    Michael Beisswenger (Ed.) (2001). Chat-Kommunikation. Sprache,
    Interaktion und Sozialitaet in synchroner computervermittelter
    Kommunikation. Perspektiven auf ein interdisziplinaeres Forschungsfeld
    [Chat Communication. Language, Interaction, and Sociality in Computer
    Mediated Communication. Perspectives on an interdisciplinary research
    reviewed by Matthias Petzold (Germany) (FG, AE, AS) [pre-published:
    March 2002]

    Thomas Bruesemeister (2000). Qualitative Forschung. Ein Ueberblick
    [Qualitative Research: An Overview]
    reviewed by Martin Spetsmann-Kunkel (Germany) (FG, AE, AS)
    [pre-published: March 2002]

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