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Date: Thu Jun 06 2002 - 02:39:28 EDT

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             Date: Thu, 06 Jun 2002 07:37:52 +0100
             From: "Matthew L. Jockers" <mjockers@stanford.edu>
             Subject: Job Opening at Stanford

    Academic Technology Specialist, Job #1253

    Description: The Academic Technology Specialist for Anthropological Sciences
    and Cultural And Social Anthropology will work with faculty in conjunction
    with both their teaching and research, devising and developing technological
    solutions for academic needs. This will include researching and implementing
    data collection, qualitative analysis, and quantitative analysis tools to
    support Anthropological research; developing web-based programs and
    databases for use in teaching and research, and teaching faculty how to best
    employ multimedia tools for use in their teaching and research. The ATS will
    have a background in Anthropology, Archeology, and/or a related field and
    possess a fundamental understanding of the ideas that form the foundation of
    Anthropological research in order to assist the faculty with the
    discipline-specific educational and research tools available and to
    disseminate knowledge of these tools appropriately through the departments.
    The ATS must have some programming knowledge and experience in the
    development of academic technologies, be resourceful and creative in using
    current technologies, and demonstrate excellent organizational,
    instructional, and communication skills. The ATS will have a proven record
    of developing technology solutions and teaching others how to employ these
    solutions. The ATS will actively encourage and support the use of
    educational and research technology. He/she must have a willingness and
    interest in working with faculty at different levels of technical experience
    and expertise. Responsibilities include: Advising the two departments on
    technical matters and providing leadership in technology. Initiating ideas,
    implementing solutions, and finding resources. Staying abreast of
    technological advances, testing and integrating those that foster learning
    and effective communication.

    Qualifications: A record of innovation and creativity in making technology
    accessible, understandable, and appealing to an academic audience and
    demonstrated leadership and resourcefulness in identifying and integrating
    technological solutions to pedagogical and research needs. A baccalaureate
    degree in Anthropology, Archeology, or a related field plus at least five
    years experience in academic computing and technology project management or
    the equivalent combination of education and experience. An advanced degree
    is desirable. Excellent teaching, communication, and interpersonal skills.
    Ability to interact effectively and tactfully in oral and written
    communications with members of the academic community. Experience teaching
    technology skills (including multimedia and database applications) to novice
    and expert computer users. Excellent time management and project management
    skills. Demonstrated experience managing projects and a complex workload,
    prioritizing tasks, and using good judgment in defining goals and objectives
    based on general strategic directions. Familiarity with applications,
    resources and techniques used in teaching and research within the fields of
    Anthropology and Archeology. Expert knowledge of Windows and Macintosh
    environments, and facility with UNIX. Expert knowledge of database
    applications such as Microsoft Access, FileMaker Pro, and/or Oracle. Expert
    knowledge of digital imaging and web authoring software. Experience
    developing multimedia projects and web sites utilizing digital imaging, web
    and multimedia authoring software. Knowledge of and experience with digital
    video editing tools. Knowledge of and experience with statistical
    applications and qualitative analysis software. Knowledge of and experience
    with GIS and CAD software. Knowledge of and experience with a programming
    language. See http://acomp.stanford.edu/atsp/anthro.html for more details.

    Matthew L. Jockers, Ph.D.
    Lecturer and Academic Technology Specialist
    Departments of English and Academic Computing
    Building 460, Room 207
    Stanford University
    Stanford, CA 94305-2087
    650/723-4489 (V)
    650/725-0755 (F)

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