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       [1] From: "elpub2002" <elpub2002@mbv.tu-chemnitz.de> (67)
             Subject: ELPUB2002

       [2] From: Magali Jeanmaire <duclaux@elda.fr> (119)
             Subject: Press Release: LangTech 2002

             Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2002 09:10:31 +0100
             From: "elpub2002" <elpub2002@mbv.tu-chemnitz.de>
             Subject: ELPUB2002

    [Attachments and all but the first part of the first version of this
    invitation have been deleted. --WM]

    [1] We would like to invite you
    [2] Wir laden Sie ein
    [3] Le invitamos
    [4] Nous vous invitons
    [5] Vi har ran att inbjuda er till
    [6] Czech readers, please find attached: _ elpub2002_cz.pdf
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    [1] We would like to invite you
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                         ELPUB 2002 ++ Technology Interactions
                         6th International ICCC / IFIP Conference on Electronic

                         November 6th to 8th, 2002
                         Carlsbad, Czech Republic / Karlovy Vary, Ceska Republika

                         Conference fee: 350 EURO
                         Early registration fee: 290 EURO (before July
    30th, 2002)

                         Conference language: English
                         Extensive conference papers publication

                         Further information:

    ELPUB 2002 ++ Technology Interactions ++
    Electronic publishing is a dynamic technology field that affects various
    areas of research and
    application, such as e-commerce, digital libraries, and distance learning.

    This scientific conference will explore the various interrelations between
    the areas of electronic
    publishing. 49 authors from 16 countries will present their work. The
    presentations will deal with
    development and application concepts of new digital technologies as well as
    with broader
    sociocultural aspects and organizational issues and scenarios of electronic
    publishing. The program
    will be completed by cutting edge product presentations and a couple of
    social events in the unique
    atmosphere of one of Europe's oldest and most beautiful hotels, the
    Grandhotel Pupp.

    ELPUB 2002
    is the sixth event in a series of annually held international conferences
    on electronic publishing.
    The objective of ELPUB conferences is to bring together researchers,
    developers, managers, and users
    who work on electronic publishing issues in the public, scientific, and
    commercial field.

    ELPUB 2002
    is your chance to experience intensive learning. You will explore new
    content strategies, hear about
    successful solutions, and discover the latest content techniques and tools.
    Meeting face-to-face
    with experts and researchers from all over the world and different
    professional backgrounds will be
    a highly effective way to extend your knowledge, broaden your horizons, and
    grow professionally.

    Please register via the conference website. There you will also find a
    detailed program as well as
    all further information.

    I would like to invite you to the conference in the name of the organizing
    committee !


          Prof. Dr. Arved C. Hbler
         (ELPUB 2002 Conference Chair)

    [material deleted]

             Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2002 09:20:28 +0100
             From: Magali Jeanmaire <duclaux@elda.fr>
             Subject: Press Release: LangTech 2002

    ELRA & ELDA are happy to announce the following event:

    LANGTECH 2002:


    Paris, France, 17th June 2002

    Speech and language technologies, a sector with growing relevance
    to the European business marketplace, will be the focus of a comprehensive
    industry forum: LangTech 2002, to be held in Berlin on September 26-27, 2002.

    The pace of commercial deployment of speech and language technologies
    has lead to strong calls for a high-level industry conference to showcase
    advancements and bring developers, entrepreneurs and researchers together
    with integrators, investors and corporations.

    LangTech 2002 will address the state of play from an industrial, R&D and
    academic viewpoint and demonstrate the potential to corporations to improve
    business processes through the adoption of speech and language technologies.

    Examples of contemporary language technologies in action include speech
    recognition interfaces, website translation tools, content management
    systems and
    cross lingual search engines. These technologies have found applicability
    in real
    world contexts from CRM to e-commerce and software localisation.

    LangTech is an EC supported initiative, through the involvement of EUROMAP
    Language Technologies.
    Bente Maegaard, Central Co-ordinator, EUROMAP, stated,
    "we view LangTech as an important development in bringing together the
    various parties
    comprising the language technologies sector for high level interaction and
    The conference is particularly useful for smaller concept developers
    seeking a valuable
    promotional platform."

    Agenda topics address the latest technology breakthroughs and are presented by
    experienced practitioners in the field. Practical solutions and near-market
    research results
    are presented during the conference and in the accompanying exhibition, showing
    state-of-the-art products and solutions. Special 'pitch' sessions will
    enable SME's and
    start-up companies to promote their concepts and explore financing
    possibilities, and a
    funding session will highlight the venture capital community views on
    language technology

    Speaking contributions have already been secured from leading industry
    players including SAP,
    LingTech, DaimlerChrysler and Conexor. Noted technology scientist,
    Professor Wolfgang Wahlster,
    from the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), will
    make a keynote address.

    Members of the press are cordially invited to apply for press accreditation
    for LangTech 2002
    via organisation@lang-tech.org.

    Delegate registration for LangTech 2002 is available via the official
    conference website
    http://www.lang-tech.org, along with updated information on programme and
    Registrations received before July 1, 2002 will benefit from a discounted
    'early bird' delegate fee.

    Companies and institutions wishing to take advantage of the LangTech 2002
    exhibition area
    should contact: Khalid Choukri, exhibition@lang-tech.org.


    Date: September 26-27, 2002

    Venue: Hotel Schweizerhof, Berlin

    Description: LangTech 2002 is the international forum for people and
    organisations involved in
    the development, deployment and exploitation of spoken and written language
    technologies in
    real world applications. It will feature keynote talks from leading
    players, presentations from a
    wide range of developers and solution providers, panel discussions of key
    issues affecting the
    market in Europe and beyond, and an exhibition of applications, products,
    services and research
    prototypes. Special sessions will enable start-up companies to promote and
    pitch their
    products and services and explore funding possibilities.

    LangTech 2002 will cover a wide range of language technologies with three
    focus areas:

    VOICE SOLUTIONS: for the control of software and machinery, customer
    management, systems for the handicapped and multimodal communication in an
    intelligence setting.
    KNOWLEDGE SOLUTIONS: for information and knowledge management, content
    management, e-learning, document authoring and management.
    MULTILINGUAL SOLUTIONS: for software localisation, automatic text
    translation, translation
    memories, interactive speech translation and crosslingual information

    LangTech 2002 is organised by EUROMAP Language Technologies, assisted by
    the German
    National Competence Center for Language Technology funded by the German
    Ministry for
    Education and Research, the Investmentbank Berlin, the European Language
    and Speech
    Network (ELSNET), European Language Resources Association and Evaluation
    and Language
    resources Distribution Agency (ELRA and ELDA) and several other corporate

    Email: organisation@lang-tech.org

    Conference website: http://www.lang-tech.org

    Press Registration: organisation@lang-tech.org

    Michael Huch
    VDI/VDE-Technology Centre for Information Technologies
    Email: organisation@lang-tech.org
    Tel: +49 33 28 435 193

    Magali Jeanmaire
    Marketing & Communication
    55-57, rue Brillat-Savarin
    75013 Paris FRANCE
    Tel: (+33) 1 43 13 33 33
    Fax: (+33) 1 43 13 33 30
    Internet: http://www.icp.inpg.fr/ELRA/ or http://www.elda.fr
    LREC: http://www.lrec-conf.org

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