16.092 detachment from attachments

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Date: Tue Jun 25 2002 - 03:47:49 EDT

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             Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 08:40:42 +0100
             From: lachance@chass.utoronto.ca (Francois Lachance)
             Subject: detachment from attachments


    [Given your recent asides], I was wondering if those engaged in marketing
    exercises for conferences use the WWW to store additional information more
    than those engaged in marketing products. In either case, the URL-less
    nature of certain promotions over the Internet is at times not only
    irksome for the receipients (who may or may not successfully conduct a
    search to glean more information) but also bothersome for moderators
    having to purge attachments from email.

    As I know you are fond of typologies, I offer the following

    * email with no URL and no attached file
    * email with URL and no attached file
    * email with no URL and with attached file
    * email with URL and with attached file

    I was also wondering if any of the students of cyberculture would care to
    venture a sociological reading of the behaviours that fall into the
    categories of the four part typology. Also, I wonder if the teachers of
    human-computer interface design might speculate on the apparent collapse
    into a single category of experience of the Internet and the World Wide
    Web (they are equivalent in some user's vocabularies) and whether this
    apparent collapse can be associated with the convergence of applications
    that handle both hypertext and email through a set of Graphical User
    Interfaces with similar look and feel [not to forget the receeding from
    the screen (and sound output) of feedback regarding conectivity a la

    In general terms, one asks: at what cost transparency? Or how does the
    deployment of interfaces designed for so-called transparency affect access
    to information and fora for exchange?

    [Sent to you via a telent connection to a unix account and composed in
    elm from the console of a Macintosh Performa 611CD.]

    Pining for gophers,


    Francois Lachance, Scholar-at-large
    per Interactivity ad Virtuality via Textuality

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