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Date: Thu Jul 11 2002 - 02:51:14 EDT

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             Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 07:36:01 +0100
             From: NINCH-ANNOUNCE <david@ninch.org>
             Subject: MCN Conference: Sept 4-7, Toronto

    News on Networking Cultural Heritage Resources
    from across the Community

    2002 Museum Computer Network Annual Conference
    with the Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN)
    In It for the Long Haul - Programs That Go the Distance
    September 4-7, 2002: Toronto, Canada

    >Plenary Sessions Featuring
    >* Clifford A. Lynch, Executive Director, Coalition for Networked
    >Information (CNI)
    >* Stanley N. Katz, Director, Center for Arts and Cultural Policy Studies,
    >Princeton University
    >* Lyn Elliot Sherwood, Director General, Canadian Heritage Information
    >Special Sessions Free of Charge
    >* Creating IP Policy in Museums Today MCN/NINCH Copyright Town Meeting/
    >* The IMLS Framework for Building Good Digital Collections:
    >* Sixteen Workshops Covering Diverse Areas of Interest
    >* Sessions, Personal Networking, Vendor Exhibition
    >Who Should Attend
    > - Information Technology and Network Managers and Staff
    > - Multimedia and Web Designers and Managers
    > - Registrars
    > - Membership and Development/Fund Raising Professionals
    > - Anyone involved with Digital Photography and Image Management
    > - Consultants and Vendors interested in the Museum Community
    > - Anyone involved or interested in collection management
    > - Curators and Exhibition Managers
    > - Librarians
    > - Educators
    >See more information below
    >Visit <http://www.mcn.edu/mcn2002/>www.mcn.edu/mcn2002/
    >As museums enter the twenty-first century, we find a panorama of
    >opportunities. What used to be esoteric notions such as sophisticated
    >collections management systems, exhibition interactives, digital imaging,
    >web sites, distance learning, webcasts, wireless delivery, and other
    >technological innovations have taken root in museums of all sizes and
    >But one more thing has happened: today's challenge is investing in
    >long-term, sustainable digital initiatives which seamlessly and
    >cost-effectively meld into the museum's mission, programs, and operations.
    >Every museum has stories to share and lessons to learn. And for four days
    >in September, museum technology sagas and sages will all converge in one
    >place, the 2002 MCN Annual Conference/Toronto, September 4-7 in
    >partnership with the Canadian Heritage Information Network [CHIN]. MCN is
    >honored to be partnering with CHIN, and we are all looking forward to
    >visiting beautiful, cosmopolitan Toronto for this internationally
    >important gathering.
    >The Conference, with the theme, "In It for the Long Haul - Technology
    >Programs that Go the Distance," promises the broadest array of workshops
    >and sessions MCN has ever provided. Two days of workshops cover areas
    >ranging from new building infrastructure to the strategic use of
    >membership/development systems to the latest word, or image, in collection
    >management systems. We will demystify digital imaging standards and
    >practices and even help you choose the right equipment. Museum web site
    >development, evaluation, and sustainability are addressed as are project
    >planning and getting your ideas funded.
    >Conference sessions also cover cutting edge developments in multimedia,
    >evaluation of web sites, integrated data management, the ecstasy of
    >successful collaborations and the agony of a failure. Opportunities abound
    >to network and compare notes with colleagues from around the world, and
    >thought provoking Biographies of Plenary Speakers and vendor presentations
    >round out the conference experience. This conference reaches out to
    >novices and experts and to those who want a cross-disciplinary glimpse at
    >important areas of museum operations that they are not generally involved
    >in. An MCN-eye-view of the future, but with our feet firmly planted in the
    >Critical issues to sustaining programs and investments, which will be
    >covered, include:
    >- Digital Identity
    >- Funding models
    >- Program planning, budgeting and management
    >- Integrated information management
    >- Content development
    >- Audience delivery
    >- Collaboration and partnership
    >- Standards for information access and exchange
    >- Digital Imaging creation, management and preservation
    >- Infrastructure and network design
    >- Intellectual property policy
    >...and More!
    >See you in Toronto!
    >Leonard Steinbach
    >President, MCN, Program Co-chair
    >Greg Spurgeon
    >Program Co-chair
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