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       [1] From: "James L. Morrison" <morrison@mivu.org> (50)
             Subject: August TS Author Forums

       [2] From: NINCH-ANNOUNCE <david@ninch.org> (145)
             Subject: NINCH Copyright Town Meeting: Media Issues, Atlanta,
                     Sept 30, 2002

             Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2002 07:08:53 +0100
             From: "James L. Morrison" <morrison@mivu.org>
             Subject: August TS Author Forums

    The following Technology Source Author Forums are scheduled for August.
    These free forums are offered in collaboration with ULiveandLearn, an
    e-learning company that uses the HorizonLive platform to allow
    participants to interact directly with TS authors via their desktops. You
    may sign up to participate in any of these free webcasts by going to
    http://ts.mivu.org/default.asp?show=webchats&issue=165 and clicking on the
    SIGN UP NOW button. Forums will last 45 minutes. To convert the time in
    your time zone, go to http://www.cnn.com/WEATHER/worldtime/ and page down
    to the "World Time Converter" section.

    Thursday, August 15, 2002--11:00 A.M. U.S. Eastern time
    A webcast on Britain's e-Learning Centre, featuring Jane Knight, founder
    of e-Learning Centre, and Stephen Downes, Spotlight Site editor. In his
    current review in The Technology Source
    (http://ts.mivu.org/default.asp?show=article&id=1028), Downes offers an
    introduction to e-Learning Centre, a one-stop site for the latest
    resources and research in this rapidly changing field.

    Thursday, August 15, 2002--1:00 P.M. U.S. Eastern time
    A webcast on online music instruction, featuring Mary Cyr, whose current
    article (http://ts.mivu.org/default.asp?show=article&id=975) discusses how
    she used technology to foster student engagement with the world of
    classical music.

    Thursday, August 15, 2002--2:00 P.M. U.S. Eastern time
    A webcast on K-12 faculty development workshops in technology, featuring
    Linda Domanski, whose current article
    (http://ts.mivu.org/default.asp?show=article&id=918) describes her work in
    Westminster College's Teaching with Technology Made Simple (TWTMS)

    Monday, August 19, 2002--3:00 P.M. EST
    A webcast on faculty development programs, featuring David G. Brown, vice
    president and dean of the International Center for Computer Enhanced
    Learning at Wake Forest University, and Technology Source editor James
    Morrison. In his current interview with Morrison in The Technology Source
    (http://ts.mivu.org/default.asp?show=article&id=997), Brown discusses
    current faculty development initiatives at Wake Forest, and addresses how
    such initiatives can be implemented to encourage innovation by faculty

    We hope that you can join us. If not, the archives of all webcasts will be
    available via the webcast button on the Interact! options menu within each
    article a few hours after the webcast.


    James L. Morrison
    The Technology Source
    Home Page: http://horizon.unc.edu

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    --[2]------------------------------------------------------------------ Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2002 07:09:16 +0100 From: NINCH-ANNOUNCE <david@ninch.org> Subject: NINCH Copyright Town Meeting: Media Issues, Atlanta, Sept 30, 2002

    NINCH ANNOUNCEMENT News on Networking Cultural Heritage Resources from across the Community August 12, 2002


    NINCH COPYRIGHT TOWN MEETING: ATLANTA Presented in collaboration with the Georgia Institute of Technology School of Literature, Communication, and Culture "Media Issues in the Digital Age: Copyright Strategies for Education and Culture" http://www.ninch.org/copyright/2002/atlanta.html

    * * * Monday September 30, 9am-5pm Free of Charge * Open to All Registration Required: http://streamingquill.com/contract/NINCH This program is made possible by a grant from the Samuel H. Kress Foundation and support from the Graduate School of the Georgia Institute of Technology.

    The 20th NINCH Copyright Town Meeting will be hosted in Atlanta by the Georgia Institute of Technology, The Ivan Allen College and its School of Literature, Communication, and Culture. It will be held at the Institute's Student Center Ballroom on Monday September 30, 9am-5pm. The meeting is open to all and is free of charge, but registration is required.

    Although copyright law was originally written with text documents in mind, the Internet and its increasingly wide bandwidth capabilities are demanding changes. Napster dramatized the issues and as a result commercial companies are scrambling to adjust their business models. Recent decisions about license fees for radio webcasting, concerns about movie piracy and the arrival of the TEACH Act have brought into focus many of the media issues that have to be solved.

    What are the implications of these issues for the educational and cultural communities in the management, use and re-use of media online? Are film studios so concerned about piracy that they will not give permission for classroom use? Is licensing the only answer for digital access to media and will it be prohibitively expensive for teachers and researchers? Is there a way to get automated permissions? Is Fair Use still a viable option for online use of media? What other issues are preventing the online distribution of our rich heritage in dance?

    Building on a 2001 Copyright Town Meeting held at the New York Public Library, the Atlanta Town Meeting will examine the challenges and consider practical strategies for taking advantage of the digital promise using media online.

    Program The local organizing committee has assembled a first-rate team of speakers taking advantage of the rich legal and media talent available in the Atlanta region, together with national experts in the fields of copyright and media law.

    The meeting will open with two internationally known copyright experts, L. Ray Patterson and Joseph Beck, giving their views on the key digital issues that have serious implications for the deployment and use of sound and moving images online. These will include the TEACH Act and the recent webcasting licensing fee decision, among others. Patterson is universally known for his classic work, Copyright in Historical Perspective and Joseph Beck is now probably best known as the lead counsel for the defendent in "The Wind Done Gone" case.

    The major part of the meeting will be divided between Film, Television, the Performing Arts and Sound, each panel taking a different perspective on the issues of access to material, getting permission to use and re-use material, and what is permissible and fair use in research, in the classroom and online.

    As with all NINCH Copyright Town Meetings there will be time for questions and discussions throughout the program and the session will end with a FORUM session for all participants

    Featured speakers: * Ruta Abolins, Director, Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection, University of Georgia * Philip Auslander, Professor, School of Literature, Communication, and Culture, Georgia Tech * Joseph Beck, Partner, Kilpatrick Stockton, LLP; Adjunct Professor of Copyright Law and of the First Amendment, Emory University * Kathy Christensen, Vice-President, News Archives and Research, CNN * Paul Gherman, University Librarian, Vanderbilt University * Jerry Goldman, Professor of Political Science, Northwestern University. * TyAnna K. Herrington, Associate Professor, School of Literature Communication, and Culture * Peter Jaszi, Professor of Law, Washington College of Law * Robert Kolker, Chair, School of Literature, Communication, and Culture * Patrick Loughney, Head, Moving Image Section, Motion Picture Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division, Library of Congress * Horace Newcomb, Lambdin Kay Distinguished Professor for the Peabody Awards at the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Georgia * Madeleine Nichols, Curator of the Dance Collection, The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center * L. Ray Patterson, Pope Brock Professor of Law, University of Georgia * Russ Reeder, President & CEO, RightsLine, Inc.

    The NINCH Copyright Town Meetings seek to balance expert opinion and audience participation on the basics of copyright law, the implications of copyright online, recent changes in copyright law and practice, and practical issues related to the networking of cultural heritage materials. The program will include plenty of time for audience questions, comments and discussion.

    Register online at <http://streamingquill.com/contract/NINCH>. Lunch can be purchased at the food court of the Student Center, and a special room will be set up for participants to enjoy it.

    Maps and directions can be found on the Town Meeting web site: http://www.ninch.org/copyright/2002/atlanta.html

    For information on all NINCH Copyright Town meetings, see http://www.ninch.org/copyright/

    * * *


    * Welcome & Introductions Sue Rosser, Dean of the Ivan Allen College, the Humanities and Social Sciences, Georgia Institute for Technology Robert Kolker, School of Literature, Communication and Culture David Green, NINCH

    * An Overview: Digital Copyright Issues Today and Tomorrow Joseph Beck, "The Transformative Use Defense to Copyright Infringement" L. Ray Patterson, "The Unconstitutionality of the DMCA."

    * FILM: Getting Permission - Four Perspectives TBA, Robert Kolker, "Rights & Permissions: Difficult But Possible" Patrick Loughney, "An Archival Perspective" Russ Reeder, "RightsLine: Automated (and affordable) Permissions"

    * TV: Access and Use of the Archives Paul Gherman, "Vanderbilt University Television News Archive: Online Access?" Horace Newcomb, "The Peabody Awards: Building A Collection of Electronic Media Based on Definitions of Excellence." Ruta Abolins, Kathy Christensen, "CNN: Granting Permission for Educational Use of Material"


    * Afternoon Keynote: TyAnna K. Herrington, "Copyright for Academics"

    * PERFORMING ARTS: Preservation and Access in the Performing Arts: the Leading Rights Issues Philip Auslander, "You Don't Own Me: Intellectual Property and Performance" Madeleine Nichols, "Challenges for Accessing Performance Online"

    * SOUND: Copyright & Permissions Jerry Goldman, "Teaching with Sound: a practical proposal for using sound resources." Peter Jaszi, "Sound Issues"

    * FORUM


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