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Date: Mon Aug 19 2002 - 11:31:34 EDT

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             Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 07:16:58 -0700
             From: "James L. Morrison" <morrison@mivu.org>
             Subject: Corporate University Conference

    As you may know, the Technology Source has a corporate university section
    because the challenges, issues, and solutions in using information
    technology confront all sectors of education. Much of the innovation in
    e-learning is taking place in the corporate university sector, both within
    business organizations and government agencies.

    Corporate University Xchange (CUX) specializes in the design, development,
    benchmarking, and ongoing performance improvement of corporate
    universities. CUX has an extensive research and publication program on
    e-learning best practices, and produces conferences featuring presenters
    from front-running corporate education programs. CUX's next conference,
    Corporate Universities @ Work: Achieving Success in Business and
    Government, is October 20-23 in Washington, D.C., where the program
    focuses on such topics as creating strategic learning partnerships between
    public and private sectors, developing blended learning solutions to build
    leadership skills, leveraging e-learning to build workforce competencies,
    and shifting the focus from training to performance. The complete program
    is described at http://events.inetevents.com/corpu

    CUX wants to participate more actively in using TS as an information
    resource throughout the corporate community. Therefore, TS will have a
    "Birds of a Feather" lunch session during the conference where we will
    meet with people interested in discussing e-learning in all sectors (and
    perhaps contributing an article or two). If you are interested in
    attending this conference, forward this note to Christine Schmidt, CUX
    Conference Manager (cschmidt@corpu.com). In the subject line, insert "TS
    Inquiry." In the message box, explain that you are a TS reader who is
    responding to the CUX offer of a registration discount.

    If you decide to attend, please let me know if you will also be able to
    attend our "Birds of a Feather" session.



    James L. Morrison
    The Technology Source
    Home Page: http://horizon.unc.edu

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