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       [1] From: "eckhard stasch" <eckhard.stasch@mbv.tu- (9)
             Subject: ELPUB 2002 Conference _ Nov 6 - 8 _ Karlsbad / Czech

       [2] From: NINCH-ANNOUNCE <david@ninch.org> (72)
             Subject: NINCH COPYRIGHT TOWN MEETING: Toronto, Sept 7

             Date: Fri, 06 Sep 2002 06:57:50 -0700
             From: "eckhard stasch" <eckhard.stasch@mbv.tu-chemnitz.de>
             Subject: ELPUB 2002 Conference _ Nov 6 - 8 _ Karlsbad / Czech

         ++ The latest professional event in your working domain this year ++

         ELPUB 2002 _ _ 6th International Conference on Electronic Publishing

         Nov 6 - 8, 2002 ++ Karlovy Vary (Karslbad), Czech Republic

         ++ 2 full days of intensive conference activities
         ++ 47 speakers from 18 countries
         ++ one of the oldest and fanciest hotels in Europe
         ++ in famous Bohemian Spa Town of Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad)

         ++ Conference Fee: 350 EUR

         Online-Registration (and full info) at:

             Date: Fri, 06 Sep 2002 06:58:23 -0700
             From: NINCH-ANNOUNCE <david@ninch.org>
             Subject: NINCH COPYRIGHT TOWN MEETING: Toronto, Sept 7

    News on Networking Cultural Heritage Resources
    from across the Community
    September 4, 2002


                 "Creating Museum IP Policy in a Digital World"

                                       * * *

                          Museum Computer Network Conference
                  co-sponsored by Canadian Heritage Information Network
                                 Hilton Toronto Hotel
                            Saturday September 7, 9am-4pm
                             Free of Charge * Open to All

            Registration Required: http://www.mcn.edu/mcn2002/register.htm

    This program is made possible by a grant from the Samuel H. Kress Foundation

    Program and speakers are set and background resources and scenarios are now
    available online for the day-long Copyright Town Meeting being held this
    Saturday September 7 at the Hilton Toronto Hotel, as part of the Museum
    Computer Network's annual conference. The meeting is free to all, but
    registration is required to ensure that sufficient materials are available
    for participants.

    Focused on the creation of copyright policy in a digital environment, the
    19th NINCH Copyright Town Meeting will be part presentation, part
    practicum. It will open with several speakers defining what policy is, what
    core values it represents, why it is important to have and what
    international issues need to be considered.

    In the second half of the meeting two practitioners will highlight the
    details of policy building. Brian Porter will report on his policy
    experience at the Royal Ontario Museum, while Rachelle Browne, Assistant
    General Counsel at the Smithsonian Institution, will demonstrate how an
    institution's larger values play in constructing policy. Participants will
    then form working groups to construct their own policy solutions to
    particular museum situations. The results of the working groups will be
    reviewed by a panel of all speakers.

    The Toronto meeting complements the NINCH Copyright Town Meeting held
    November 2001 in Eugene, Oregon, on "Creating Policy: Copyright Policies in
    the University." Laura Gasaway, a key presenter and organizer of the Eugene
    meeting, is a featured speaker in Toronto. A report on the Eugene Town
    Meeting and workshop can be seen at

    The report on this meeting will form the basis for a book, to be published
    next Spring by the Canadian Heritage Information Network in association
    with NINCH, on "Creating IP Policy in Museums."

    Featured speakers:

    * Rachelle Browne, Assistant General Counsel, Smithsonian Institution
    * Laura N. Gasaway, Director of Law Library and Professor of Law,
    University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
    * Christopher Hale, Partner, Blake, Cassels and Graydon, LLP., Toronto
    * Maria Pallante, Associate General Counsel, Guggenheim Museum/Foundation
    * Rina Pantalony, Legal Counsel, Canadian Heritage Information Network
    * Brian Porter, Director, New Media Resources, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto

    The NINCH Copyright Town Meetings seek to balance expert opinion and
    audience participation on the basics of copyright law, the implications of
    copyright online, recent changes in copyright law and practice, and
    practical issues related to the networking of cultural heritage materials.
    The program will include plenty of time for audience questions, comments
    and discussion. For information on all NINCH Copyright Town meetings, see

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