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             Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 07:57:14 -0700
             From: Steven Krauwer <steven.krauwer@let.uu.nl>
             Subject: EACL2003: 2nd Call for Workshop Proposals, deadline Oct 1

    [The following omits to say that it has to do with the 11th Conference of
    the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics. --WM]

                     EACL-03: 2nd Call for Workshop Proposals

                   Proposal submission deadline: October 1, 2002

                 The EACL-03 Organizing Committee invites proposals
                       for workshops to be held at EACL-03.

          EACL-03 will take place in Budapest, Hungary, April 12-17, 2003
       with workshops being held on Sunday and Monday, April 13 and 14, 2003.

    * Workshop topics

       EACL-03 workshops provide organizers and participants with an
       opportunity to focus intensively on a specific topic within
       computational linguistics. Often, workshops concentrate on specific
       topics of technical interest (e.g., parsing technologies), particular
       areas of application for language processing technologies (e.g., NLP
       applied to IR), or community-wide issues that deserve attention (e.g.,
       standardization of resources and tools).

       We welcome proposals on any topic that is of interest to the EACL
       community, but we particularly encourage proposals that broaden the
       scope of our community through the consideration of new or
       interdisciplinary techniques or applications.

       We also encourage topics that are specific to the EACL community such
       as resources and tools for European or Mediterranean languages.

    [material deleted]

    * Additional Information:

       Conference website: http://www.conferences.hu/EACL03
       Workshop website: http://www.elsnet.org/workshops-eacl2003.html

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